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Railway Budget 2012: As it happened

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Updated: March 14, 2012, 2:54 PM IST
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Railway Budget 2012: As it happened
Along with rise in fares, the Railway Minister announced 75 new express trains and 21 new passenger trains.

New Delhi: Presenting the Railway budget 2012 in Parliament on Wednesday, Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi announced hike in passenger fares. This is the first hike in passenger fares in the last 10 years. The Railway Minister also announced 75 new express trains and 21 new passenger trains.

Trivedi also laid stress on the need for modernisation of Railways.

Here is how it all happened as Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi presented the Rail Budget 2012 in Parliament:

Delhi-Chennai fares: First Ac fare up by Rs 632 #RailBudget

Delhi-Chennai fares: Second class up by Rs 43, AC III up by Rs 217, AC first class up by Rs 435. #RailBudget

10 paise/km increase in AC Chair Car, AC III tier and First Class fares. #RailBudget

3 paise/km increase in mail/express second class fares. #RailBudget

Delhi-Mumbai fares: Second class up by Rs 27, AC III tier by Rs 138, AC first class by Rs 405. #RailBudget

Rail Budget: First hike in passenger fares in 10 years

Platform ticket to cost Rs 5 from Rs 3. #RailBudget

5 paise/km increase in sleeper class fares. #RailBudget

Fare increased by 2 paise/km on suburban and ordinary second class trains. #RailBudget

15 paise/km increase in AC II tier fares. #RailBudget

10 paise/km increase in AC III tier fares #RailBudget

30 paise/km increase in AC 1st class fares: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Rail Budget: first hike in passenger fares in 10 years

This is the first hike in passenger fares in 10 years. #RailBudget

2 paise/km to 30 paise/km increase in fares: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Under Izzat Scheme, fares according to kilometres travelled to be increased: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Guided by over-riding concerns, no steep increase in fares: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Arjuna awardees to be given facility of concession in Rajdhani express: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Rail Budget: 'No steep hike in fares'

50% concession to patients suffering from Anemia, sickle cell Anemia diseases, in AC coaches: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Rail Budget: 75 new express trains planned

Budgetary support from Government not at the level required by Railways: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Expect to achieve operating ratio of 84.9%: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Rs 3,000 cr loan extended by Finance Ministry to meet urgent safety needs to be returned in 2012-13 itself: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Railways expects passenger revenues to go up by Rs 28,360 crore in 2012-13 to Rs 1,32,555 crore: Dinesh trivedi #RailBudget

Number of passengers expected to increase by 5.4%. Passenger earnings expected to go up to Rs 3,673 crore: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Railways hopes to increase freight revenue by 30% in 2012-13 at Rs 89,000 crore: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Freight earning target at Rs 89,339 crore: Dinesh Trivedi on Budget estimates #RailBudget

Railways have not defaulted in payment of dividends despite difficulty: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

The earning target has scaled down: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Continued ban on iron ore by Karnataka has led to downfall of 993 to 970 million metric tonnes: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Indian Railways going through a difficult phase: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

75 new services in Mumbai to be introduced: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Guru Parikrama special trains to run through Amritsar, Patna, Nanded routes: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Propose to introduce 75 new express trains, 21 passenger trains: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Rail Budget: 75 new express trains planned

I propose to modernise production units: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

80,000 persons were recruited in 2011 to fill up safety and mechanical vacancies: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Rail Budget: e-procurement, e-auction of scraps planned

To minimise human error, proper rest period will be introduced: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Rail Khel Ratna Awards to be instituted: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

5 railway sportsperson have qualified for Olympics 2012: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

DRDO developed bio toilets under test. 2,500 coaches to be equipped with bio toilets: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Rail Budget: Proper rest period to be introduced

Study on Delhi-Jaipur-Ajmer-Jodhpur high speed corridor to be completed: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

I propose to get reputed agencies via global tender: Dinesh Trivedi on catering policy #RailBudget

One such special coach in each train for the differently abled passengers: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Special design coaches have earmarked wheelchair-borne and differently abled passenger coaches: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

All-out efforts to maintain trains and stations for hygiene and cleanliness: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Specialised house-keeping body to enhance standard hygiene and cleanliness: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

NID to help improvise design to help passengers: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Plan to set up three training centres for training in disaster management: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Satellite based real-time information of trains to update passengers on all running trains in next 18 months: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Extension of house keeping, mobile booking, alternate train accommodating system for wait listed passengers: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Rail Budget: Special coaches planned for differently-abled

Introduction of escalators, book a meal, AC lounge to accommodate wait listed passengers: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

31 projects of over 5,000 km being implemented with the support of state governments: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

I propose to raise allocation for passenger amenities from Rs 762 crore to Rs 1,112 crore in 2013: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Propose to set up rail connectivity to Nepal from Bilaspur and Agartala to Akhaura in Bangladesh: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Rail Budget: New line planned to Nepal from Bilaspur

Rail Budget: New line planned to Nepal from Bihar

I propose to establish a plant of traction for high horse power to be set up in Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Rail coach factory at Palakkad to be set up with support from the Kerala government: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Raebareli coach factory ready for rolling: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

1,500 EMU coaches have been added. The MUTP phase-2 work is also progressing well: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

The Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation has successfully completed the flagship project of MUTP: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Rail Budget: Trains' speed limit to be set at 160 kmph

Kolkata metro works progressing very well: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

The task of converting DC to AC to be completed in Central Railways in Pune: Dinesh trivedi #RailBudget

The challenging task of converting DC to AC has been achieved in the western railways: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

700 km of double tracking to be carried out in FY 2012-13: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

I propose to achieve 6,500 km electrification. Udhampura, Srinagar, Baramullah line to be electrified: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

825 km of gauge conversion to be completed: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

An allocation of Rs 6,872 crores has been made under the new lines plan: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

All the lines, which the Planning Commission has given approval for have been included: Dinesh trivedi #RailBudget

State governments are requested to come forward to share the cost to facilitate early completion of projects: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

85 new line projects, 114 new line surveys to be carried out: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

The budgetary support has been modest at Rs 25,000 crore vs the requirement of Rs 45,000 crore: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Plan to start coaching complex and terminal in Navi Mumbai: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Rail Budget: Trains' speed limit to be set at 160 kmph

Propose Rs 4,410 core for capacity augmentation works: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

I propose to create a logistics corporation to handle the last mile service for freight traffic: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Plan to set up Indian Railway Station Organisation to redevelop, maintain stations on the lines of airports: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Total investment to modernise signalling system at Rs 39,110 crore: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Double decker container trains also planned: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Total market borrowing in FY 2012-13 for Railways expected at Rs 65,000 crore: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Modernisation of rolling stocks, upgradation of EMUs; wagons, coaches will be priority: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

The track to be modernised accounts for 80% of the traffic: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Signalling system will be modernised: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Plan to modernise 19,000 km through renewal upgradation of tracks: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

GBS for Railways in FY 2012-13 targeted at RS 24,000 crore: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

The annual plan for FY 2012-13 is targeted at Rs 60,100 crore, which the highest ever planned investment: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Anil Kakodkar to head high speed Rail Safety Committee: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

National investment needed in Indian Railways: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

We cannot Imagine India without railways: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Want the operating ratio to be at 74% by FY 2016-17: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

We have received 5,741 requests in total in various states: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

I am taking the option of an inspirational change: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

I have two options - either to keep the railways status quo or byte the bullet: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

I have a Himalayan task of running the railways: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

A huge sum of Rs 14 lakh crore is required in the next 10 years for this sector: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Want to reduce operating ratio from 95% to 84.9% in FY 2012-13: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

The areas of focus are safety, consolidation, decongestion and augmentation, modernisation: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

I'm glad to inform that I have chosen modernisation to become a powerful growth mechanism for the Indian economy: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

The choice before me is either to keep the system dragging or build a modern system: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Most of the projects can't be completed in a time-bound manner unless supported by Government: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

I seek Rs 2.5 lakh crore as budgetary support from Government in the 12th Plan: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Will invest Rs 3.5 lakh crore during the 12th plan in Railways: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Recommendations of the Kakodkar committee on safety will be implemented: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

An expert committee observed that the Indian Railways suffers from an implementation bug: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

I propose to set up a Railway Research & Developmental Council: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

I propose to set up an independent railway safety authority: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Funding is an issue which needs to be collectively dealt with: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Our target should be zero deaths: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Safety has been remarkable in Europe: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

I reiterate my strong conviction that safety never sleeps. Safety has to be the benchmark: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

My entire emphasis has been on strengthening safety: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

I will always remain faithful to madam and to ma, mati, manush: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

I thank Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

I have tried to take lessons from the history: Dinesh Trivedi #RailBudget

Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi presents #RailBudget in Parliament in Lok Sabha.

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First Published: March 14, 2012, 2:54 PM IST
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