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Union Budget 2013-14: The funniest tweets

First published: February 28, 2013, 2:56 PM IST | Updated: February 28, 2013
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Union Budget 2013-14: The funniest tweets
It was business as usual on Twitter on Budget day. We've compiled a list of hilariously sarcastic tweets.

Finance Minister P Chidambaram plans to get more income for the government by taxing the super-rich and the corporate sector even though he left untouched income tax rates and slabs. But with an eye firmly on the Lok Sabha elections which are scheduled for early 2014, Chidambaram also focused on rural India while presenting Union Budget 2013-14 in Parliament on Thursday and hiked outlays for health, water and sanitation, SCs/STs and tribals and rural development.

However, it was business as usual on social media, with #Budget2013, #Chidambaram and #NirbhayaFund trending through the day and users taking potshots at the government. We've compiled a list of hilariously sarcastic tweets. Feel free to add in the comments section.

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The biting Budget tweets

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If this is austerity then Mukesh Ambani is a slum-dweller.Rohan Joshi
FM: To improve productivity, I propose to tax all employee leave at 10% of salary. This will reduce holidays, increasing output. #FakeBudgetMadhu Menon
BREAKING: Chidambaram allots 758 words to Manmohan Singh for this financial year. #Budget2013Faking News
Yo. Rahul Gandhi ji also makes an entry after Nehru ji and Indira ji. Rahul Gandhi Roadies Fund should be announced now. #Budget2013Faking News
Chidambaram says only China might grow faster than India. Hope not inside India. #Budget2013Faking News
Chidambaram always says the right things rightly and then goes on to take the wrong decisions, wrongly.Pritish Nandy
If this is austerity then Mukesh Ambani is a slum-dweller.Rohan Joshi
Parliament doing their version of "Wankhede mein aaya bhoot…" right now #Budget2013Rohan Joshi
Imported yachts to get costlier. Massive setback to my summer plans.Shiv Aroor
#Budget2013 Expecting a new tax-friendly gameshow called Kaun Banega 99-Lakhpati.Ramesh Srivats
iPhones to cost more. IPHONES TO COST MORE! THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO END.amreekandesi
200 crores to science and technology? Not even 2 Salman Khan movies?greatbong
Chidu says, "I believe there is a bit of Azim Premji in every taxpayer." Never knew Mr Premji was such a player.amreekandesi
#Budget2013 Sigh. As usual, cigarette prices go up. Tchah. So much I am contributing to the country.Ramesh Srivats
#Budget2013 I think the FM first creates the budget using 2-digit numbers and then multiplies the whole thing by 10,000 crores. #TheoryRamesh Srivats
Manmohan Singh looking excited : http://pic.twitter.com/x8qnHwkE1pTrendulkar
bait chahiye.. bait chahiye.. #Budget2013 shuroo ho rahaa hain..Being Me…
Chidambaram might as well have got the #Budget2013 copies printed on thousand rupee stamp-paper sheets. #AusterityIndeedShiv Aroor
Twitter today: Only we deserve subsidies. Everything else is appeasement or regressive or waste of taxpayer’s money.TheComicProject
Taxes to go up from 10% to SUCK THAT PUPPY DRY BECAUSE FUCK YOU WE NEED THE MONEY. #Budget2013Overrated Outcast
Bank for women. Nice gimmick. Are normal banks meant to discriminate against women, not serve them? Are they unsafe for women? #Budget2013Abhijit Majumder

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