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Here's Why 'Spoke To My Ex After 10 Years' Is Trending


Updated: February 10, 2017, 4:06 PM IST
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Here's Why 'Spoke To My Ex After 10 Years' Is Trending
(Photo: Reuters/Twitter)

Unlike the real world where movies and songs become a hit, in the social media world a tweet or meme becomes viral.

And this is exactly what happened when a Twitter user Namrata Datta took to the microblogging site and tweeted a short yet powerful story. She wrote, "Spoke to my ex after 10 years. "Miss or Mrs.?" He asks, Dr. I said. (sic)."

The only thing that didn't go well was that it wasn't an original story and was in fact copied from Scribbled Stories, a storytelling platform for writers across the globe.

Nonetheless, her tweet went massively viral on the internet. It was liked over 3 lakh times and retweeted nearly 1 lakh times and counting. Soon after, others started tweeting their versions of what happened when they spoke to their ex.

Instantly, 'spoke to my ex after 10 years' caught the attention of everyone on the virtual space and netizens had a fun time talking about it.

Here's what they tweeted:

If you too have a story of what you told your ex when you spoke after 10 years, let us know in the comments section below.

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