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Maggi to bhujia on bread: 20 Indian comfort food that can cure all blues

Updated: January 23, 2014, 3:42 PM IST
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Maggi to bhujia on bread: 20 Indian comfort food that can cure all blues
Comfort food may not solve your problems, but they can definitely help you forget them for a while.

When the dictionary defines comfort food, it reads: food that is prepared in a traditional way and reminds you of home, family or friends.

Our definition, on the other hand, is a fairly simple one. Foods that make us forget everything that sucks about life!

Here are 20 Indian comfort foods that will make you go yummmmmm! Drool away.

Maggi: This two-minute fix obviously tops the list. Whether in hostel, or at your new, rented apartment, a bowl full of maggi will continue to be our happy food forever. With vegetables, without vegetables, the slightly dry kind or the soupy maggi, these instant noodles are everyone’s favourite.

Stuffed paranthas: Paneer, potato or even onion paranthas with some pickle and curd go a long way in reminding us of that homely warmth when we need it most. Those living away from home totally understand the value of this meal, especially in this biting cold.

Khichdi: A perfect mix of dal-chawal, khichdi is something we all miss the most when we’re down in the dumps. The best thing about khichdi is that it’s easy to make, it’s healthy and yes, it’s a warm reminder of home sweet home.

Idly sambar: Rice idlies drowned in a bowl of hot sambar is all you need to feel protected and warm. Also, idlies and sambar works wonders if you’re nursing a hangover.

Pakoras and chai: Nothing can lift one’s mood on a rainy, gloomy day, the way pakoras/ bhajjis and a cup of hot tea can.

Samosas: These potato-stuffed crisps with spicy green chutney are the best things ever. They can quench one’s craving something Indian and delicious in just one bite, or actually two-three samosas. NRIs know the true value of this triangular snack.

Rajma chawal: After a long day’s work, when you come home to your rented apartment, eating a rajma chawal meal feels like the greatest thing since cable TV. The comforting meal is perfect reminder of food from your mum’s kitchen.

Dhokla: Breakfast, lunch or dinner, this light and tasty Gujarati creation is the best thing to snack on with friends. For Gujaratis living in other states, it’s obviously a sweet reminder of mum’s food.

Gulab jamun: Something hot for your sweet craving. The little brown gulab jamuns dipped in sugar syrup have still not found a parallel as good, especially in the winter months.

Jalebi: If you need something quick, crisp and melt-in-the-mouth kind to satiate your sweet craving today, run to that jalebi guy down the road. You won’t regret it.

Gol-gappas: Just plain yum!

Aloo bhujiya: Put it on bread, mix it with rice and dal, in khichdi…a fist full of aloo bhujiya is enough to give that extra zing to your food.

Momos: Steaming hot momos – chicken, veg – are awesome mood lifters, especially in the winter.

Banana chips: If there’s one thing that tastes great despite being fried in coconut oil, it’s banana chips. This snack, which is a Kerala special, is enjoyed by all in the country.

Bhel puri: Puffed rice with finely-cut vegetables, mixed in a tangy sauce – you need nothing more.

Tandoori chicken: The mere thought of this masaledar chicken is enough to make one drool. Go, order a portion now if you’re feeling low, or even on top of the world.

Pav bhaji: Finely-chopped vegetables, cooked in heaps of butter and masala is the greatest gift to mankind. Whoever decided to make pav bhaji with leftover vegetables must have been a real foodie.

Bread pakora: Another fried snack, the bread pakora is a great reminder of an Indian mother’s endless pampering.

Rumali roti: The thin white flour roti, easily available at every street corner, is a favourite among everyone living away from home.

Suji ka halwa: Suji ka halwa is probably one of the easiest sweet dishes to prepare. All you need is suji, sugar and ghee. These three ingredients that our mothers have blended together beautifully for years is a guaranteed fix if you’ve had a long day or are just missing home.

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First Published: January 23, 2014, 3:42 PM IST
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