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My sister's killer is not from the family: Music composer Lalit Pandit


Updated: February 7, 2013, 3:29 PM IST
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My sister's killer is not from the family: Music composer Lalit Pandit
Who killed composer duo Jatin-Lalit's sister?

Who killed composer duo Jatin-Lalit's sister? Music composer Lalit Pandit joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. How close was your sister to all of you brothers and sisters? Asked by: Parimal

A. Very Close.

Q. Are you satisfied with response from police? Asked by: Anuj

A. Well, all I can say is that we are hoping that the investigation will get transferred to Mumbai crime branch and they will do better than the Navi Mumbai crime branch.

Q. What is the main missing link in solving the murder? Asked by: Meghna

A. Look, we have said all that we have as information to the crime branch and I can't say vital things on a chat...Please ask questions that can be answered without hampering the investigation agencies.

Q. Do you think the killer is from within the family? Asked by: Rahul

A. NO!

Q. Did you accuse your sister's son for the same crime? Asked by: Kalpita

A. Not at all, in fact the thing that got printed in Midday last Saturday was a misinformation or even worst, a ploy by the police - midday will rectify that very soon.

Q. When was the last time you spoke to her? Asked by: Urmi

A. On the 6th of December...she had come to this side of the time to meet us family people....I didn't meet her but she met my brothers..that was the last time.

Q. How is the family coping with the tragedy? Asked by: Sandy

A. We are devastated!! All are drained off their energy and not keeping well...! Jatin, my brothers are very depressed...so am I.

Q. Do you think she was killed for wealth or was it for personal enmity? Asked by: Kamal

A. Wealth....

Q. My condolences for your loss. But nowadays it's always a risk to display your jewellery in public. Shouldn't somebody have accompanied your sister while she was going to the bank with the amount of jewellery? Asked by: EMathew

A. I agree.

Q. Is there anybody you suspect? Asked by: Brar

A. I have given the police what I think on the matter.

Q. Do you think women are not safe in Mumbai? Asked by: Isha

A. Mumbai in recent years have changed a lot! People are in desperate situations and that leads to crime!! Mumbai was safe for women before....not anymore.

Q. Is the police to be blamed for not providing safety to women in metros? Asked by: Mary

A. Women cannot be always guarded by police! One needs to be alert...it is impossible for the police to guard every soul! But the police machinery needs to work in good coordination to catch criminals asap after a crime is committed.

Q. What measures should the government take to provide safety? Asked by: Priya

A. Better net work and coordination between the agencies involved in crime investigations need to be done! Stricter laws and quick punishment needs to be implemented.

Q. How is your sister's son coping with the grief? Asked by: Pawan

A. Both the children are devastated! Especially the son, since police interrogated him for long hours asking irrevalent questions and trying their best to link him to the murder! There was no link found, but the impact on the young man left him badly injured in heart and confidence!! He seems to have gone in a shell.

Q. Would community policing work in big metros? As such the police are already under-staffed and over-worked. Your thoughts. Asked by: EMathew

A. You are right that police is over burdened and can't seem to control the number of crimes happening every day! I don't know what can be done efficiently to curb this! One thing that comes in mind, stricter punishment and quicker investigations to discourage future crimes happening...

Q. How close are you with your nephew? Asked by: Pawan

A. I can't say that we meet regularly, but I know he is a misguided kid but good at heart!! I feel sorry for him and will help him come out of his bad habits.

Q. Why the police suspected your nephew? Asked by: Isha

A. Communications between Sandhya and Raghuvir were at an all time low because he got involved with a bad girl...Sandhya didnot approve of this and was upset with him..! He got in turn upset with her...

Q. Sir, I'm a big fan of your music. I really loved your 'Munni badnaam hai' song. But do you think these kind of songs provoke crime against women? Asked by: Tiger

A. I don't think so...!

Q. Do you think music in films have become vulgar over the years? Asked by: Sneha

A. Directors fault!! They imagine the song situations and come with a preset mind for the kind of song they want!! Munni Badnaam wasn't a vulgar song at all I feel...but I do feel some dancing steps were out of the line making it look the way it did..! I didn't do the dancing imaginations of the song..! If you know what I mean....

Q. As a composer how important is lyrics for you? Asked by: Pran

A. I have been fortunate to work with lyricists like Majrooh sab, Anand Bakshi, Javed Akhtar, Niraj, Indivar, Gulzar..the best lot there was..! I have enjoyed learning from them and understand the value of good words in a song..

Q. What are your future projects? Will you dedicate a song or an album for your sister? Asked by: Rohit

A. My 'Besharam' music is completed and the film is being shot..! I am doing a few more good films..! I am too disturbed emotionally now and to be frank not even working since 2 months from the time Sandhya had been missing!!..It's hard to think music if your mind is not at peace.

Q. Did your sister easily trust people & so was a victim? Asked by: anand

A. She was an extremely sweet person and did take people from their face value.....! She might have not realised she was being trapped at all...

Q. What you expect from Mumbai police in this case? Asked by: Kamya

A. A fair investigation and find the criminals who killed my innocent sister at the prime of her life..!she often spoke about her plans at the old age...itv is too horrifying what happened to her and the manner in which it happened....I pray ki bhagwan dushman ke saath bhi aisa na kare...

Q. "Raghuveer is definitely a shady character". What you really mean by that? Asked by: anand

A. I never used that word.

Q. Women safety issue has again come up with your sister's murder. What needs to be done? Asked by: DK

A. I have answered that in an earlier question my thoughts on the issue.

Q. Have you revealed about the murder to Sulakshna ji? Asked by: Smita

A. Sulakshana didi has not been keeping too well for sometime..! It's no point giving her this devastating news at this time when she is in bad health...!we will wait to catch the murderers first and then in an appropriate time tell her eventually.

First Published: February 7, 2013, 3:29 PM IST
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