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Richa Chadha Takes to Twitter to Criticize Supporters of Firecrackers


Updated: November 1, 2016, 12:35 PM IST
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Richa Chadha Takes to Twitter to Criticize Supporters of Firecrackers
A file photo of Richa Chadha

Mumbai: Actress Richa Chadha took it upon herself to cross question those who justified bursting of crackers over Twitter.

On Monday, Richa re-tweeted an article on increase in pollution level post Diwali in Delhi. She captioned it: "Everyone who burst crackers yesterday has a death wish! What do we need more oxygen or momentary light and fumes?"

Her tweet elicited responses from several individuals, who questioned her statement on the micro-blogging platform.

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One Twitter user wrote: "Why don't you stop using your cars and ACs, they pollute whole year? Why don't you all stop eating animals, think."

Richa retorted: "Crackers are like burning your cash and suffocating others!"

With more questions by Twitter users, the conversation came onto the Hindu faith and traditions.

Richa then commented: "Diwali is about the prevalence of good over evil. It's a festival of love and light, so all in the festive spirit. Crackers is equal to noise plus air pollution plus filth. So if you burst crackers you are against the Swachh Bharat campaign. Yes? Still irrelevant?"

She also asked people to justify the pollution caused in the name of celebrating the Hindu festival of Diwali.

"How would you feel if your faith was used wrongly? Hence I demand proof. Show me where it says in the scriptures that you have to burst crackers on Diwali? Show me. Take a screenshot and send it. I promise to reply," she wrote.

There were other Twitter users who took a dig at Richa saying that she or people who use big vehicles like "SUVs" should then switch to "bullock carts". And to that, Richa quipped: "Yeah because transport and crackers are actually the same thing. Do you fly to work on a rocket darling?"

First Published: November 1, 2016, 10:43 AM IST
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