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World Tapas Day: An Occasion To Celebrate And Indulge In Authentic Spanish Tapas Recipes

Mugdha Kapoor Safaya |

Updated:June 15, 2017, 5:15 PM IST
World Tapas Day: An Occasion To Celebrate And Indulge In Authentic Spanish Tapas Recipes
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Spain's mini-cuisine or Tapas as it is called is a small or rather not so small portion of food that Spaniards love to have along with a drink. And while the Spaniards love this 'mini-food' culture, tapas is well recognized worldwide as a symbol not only of the Spanish gastronomy but also of its traditions and lifestyle. Therefore, World Tapas Day is celebrated every year on the third Thursday of June as an occasion to commemorate and enjoy the Spanish gastronomy across the globe. It is a unique occasion to enjoy tapas specialties and indulge in the authentic bites of the Spanish cuisine.

"Tapas is not a special kind of food, it's a way of enjoying food. You can share it with your friends, have it in a casual way, it's a very flexible concept. Usually tapas are of traditionally Spanish cuisine, but now, some chefs are creating very sophisticated tapas and some are very simple, like just some olives - that's a tapas. Tapas are a combination of gastronomy and the Spanish lifestyle," said Mr Ignacio Ducasse, Director Tourism Office of Spain In India, in an exclusive interview to at an event held in New Delhi on Wednesday to mark the beginning of the celebrations of World Tapas Day.

During the event, Mr Ducasse also revealed that Spanish tapas was something like the street food in Delhi and Mumbai. When asked if there were any similarities between the two since Indian street food too are small meals, he said, "There is similarity in concept. In Spain we have restaurants that can be upscale but we have thousands of bars which is a place you enjoy a drink, small tapa for yourself, have something to eat anytime in the day. You don't have to go there to have a meal. So, it works the same way, you are hungry, you don't have to go to a restaurant to have a full meal, you just have a little samosa or a little appetizer."

When asked what kind of response the Board has received to the World Tapas Day celebrations in India, Mr Ducasse said, "Worldwide this is the third year, we started celebrating in India last year. Of course, last year it was a beginning, we were presenting this concept and I feel this year we are having a much bigger impact an hope that this will grow and we will have more people working with us to celebrate food and lifestyle."

This year, in order to celebrate the Spanish small plates simultaneously in Spain and 31 countries around the globe, the Spanish Tourism Board collaborated with 733 restaurants and more than 100 sponsors and partners. In India, celebrations are being held from 13th to 25th June in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi at the Four Seasons Hotel, Caperberry and Fava restaurants and Sevilla restaurant at The Claridges respectively.

At the event held in the city recently, the Ambassador of Spain Mr Mr José Ramón Barañano addressed the media and spoke at length about tapas, its origin and advantages.

While addressing the press he said, "The original tapas comes maybe 400-500 years ago and it has a humble start. It was just a piece of bread put on top of a glass of wine in order to preserve the wine from being spoilt from dust or flies. Later, they added some ham, cheese. That's how the concept of tapas came into being. Today, it has completely changed. Today, it is a much more elaborate cuisine, they have moved from simple to sophisticated."

On the advantages of the mini-cuisine, the Ambassador said, "Tapas have a lot of advantages, they are light, easy and quick to make and another interesting issue is the price. Tapas is much cheaper than the traditional food, which means it is mostly in the reach of everybody. The best thing about tapas is friendship because it is more about the way you go out with friends."

So, as people across the globe celebrate World Tapas Day, it is an occasion for you too to indulge in and bond over some authentic Spanish tapas recipes.
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