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10 awesome things that Krrish can learn from Thor


Updated: November 9, 2013, 10:22 AM IST
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10 awesome things that Krrish can learn from Thor
Krrish hit the screens one week prior to Thor, but there are things which Krrish can learn from Thor.

New Delhi: Thor is one superhero who is more human in approach than most of his contemporaries. Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman are back with the latest episode in Thor's life in 'The Dark World'. Indian superhero Krrish hit the screens one week prior to Thor, but there are things which Krrish can learn from Thor. We have compiled a list of ten such things.

The band: A lot of jokes have flooded the internet after the release of 'Krrish 3'. Hrithik Roshan has a huge fan following among children and the kids are expected to show the solidarity with their superhero by wearing a Krrish band. Something Thor never intended to do.

Shiny hair: No matter, how long your hair is, you can't compete Thor's golden locks. So, better be friendly with him and ask the name of the shampoo brand he uses.

Soft emotions: Come on Krrish, you only have to deal with enemies of the outer world. Think about Thor who doesn't need to look beyond his home as his naughty brother Loki is capable enough of creating troubles. So, dear Krrish don't act as if you are carrying the burden of the world. Learn something from Thor and practice some patience.

Escape velocity: What a fabulous body you have built Hrithik but is it powerful enough to travel in and out of the earth's orbit, something Thor does with ease. If you don't know what escape velocity is ask Rahul Gandhi.

Endorsements: Had it not been for brand endorsements, marketing tie-ups, Hrithik Roshan's 'Krrish 3' would not have raked in big moolah. Since Hrithik is a popular name in the advertising domain, many brands clamoured to be part of the film. But would we ever expect a Hollywood film like 'Thor' to depend on endorsement for stable monetary fate? Nah!

Don't hide behind a mask: If you thought Krrish wearing a mask is an impressive way to disguise and transform his identity, Thor doesn't adhere to this rule to keep maintain his hero identity. And we are glad about it. So while avid fans of Krrish would think wearing a mask is cool, Thor can draw attention to his intimidating eyes without donning a masked look.

Mutant love: If you are a superhero you are bestowed with super powers so it is difficult to fathom that a superhero like Krrish could be fooled by a mutant (Kangana Ranaut) who posed as his wife. Thor's super powers in place bring Jane Foster, an astrophysicist, to his planet Agard after she is infected by a mysterious energy.

Odd jobs: Being a superhero is a full time job. Thor, while not saving the universe, fights his personal demons and is the crown prince of his planet Asgard. Krrish, on the other hand doesn't really have a stable job. When not saving damsels and kids in distress, Krrish works as a watchman, salesman etc. Why not just assist your scientist father in the lab, Krissh?

Costume: After attaining his superpower, the first thing that superhero looks forward to is coming up with a classy costume for himself. But Indian superhero Krrish definitely misses out on this quintessential element. While war prince Thor wears proper armour along with a red cape, Krrish opts for a black outfit which looks more like a petticoat. It seems Krrish really doesn't mind how he looks, but we do. So please spare us the petticoat torture.

Special powers: Superhero Thor is the God of thunder and control weather, however, Indian superhero Krrish has no special powers with him. There is nothing original about him and is often seen copying stunts from the other superheroes like Batman and Spiderman.

First Published: November 9, 2013, 10:22 AM IST
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