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Aamir and I became 2 am friends when we started dating: Kiran Rao

First published: May 8, 2013, 2:29 PM IST | Updated: May 8, 2013
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Aamir and I became 2 am friends when we started dating: Kiran Rao
Rao, who has a son by a surrogate with Khan, said the actor is quite a grounded person.

New Delhi: Kiran Rao first met Aamir Khan during a recce on a bus to Bhuj when the actor came and introduced himself. Her first impression of Khan was that he was quite normal, Rao told the Calcutta Times in a candid interview on Wednesday.

But she was nervous kept her distance until she met him again during Dil Chahta Hai. Khan divorced his first wife Reena in 2003 and soon after he started seeing someone else, Rao said.

"We again connected on the set of an ad commercial that he was doing with Ashutosh Gowariker that I was assisting on. We hung out a lot together and became 2 am friends. We started seeing each other in 2004," the Times quoted her as saying.

Rao, who has a son by a surrogate with Khan said the actor was quite a grounded person.

"We like each others company and our friendship is still the basis of our relationship. I moved in with him and neither of us was hung up on marriage. After a year of living together, we decided to get married for two reasons," she said.

She said she wanted her parents to feel comfortable. Also being the celebrity he is it was easier to just be legally conjoined as it takes the greyness out of the picture, she told the Times.

Rao said marriage was important since as a girlfriend "people did not know how to treat me. For instance if you go to an event as a wife you are treated a certain way but as a partner, they don't know what to do with you."

She was attracted to Khan's sense of humour and his knowledge and the way he looks at things.

"What most keeps us together is our value system," she told the Times.
Khan likes one-on-one company and can go hours without talking and helped his wife clarify her creative ideas, the report said.

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