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Road Movie set to premier in Toronto on Friday

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Updated: September 18, 2009, 3:42 AM IST
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<i>Road Movie</i> set to premier in Toronto on Friday
The director said he almost did not cast his star catch Abhay Deol.

New Delhi: Director Dev Benegal known for films like English August and Split Wide Open is ready with his next film Road Movie which stars Abhay Deol and Tanishtha Chatterjee. And the film now premieres at the Toronto film Festival on September 18. Abhay Deol almost did not get the role of the protagonist in the film.

"Actually, the funny thing is, I haven't seen any of Abhay's movies," confessed Benegal.

The acclaimed director then went on to convey how he cast Abhay in the winning role.

"Well this friend of mine showed me his photographs where he was posing and I just threw them saying don't bring this rubbish."

"Then, I saw him at a party in New York and cast him," admitted Benegal.

Abhay Deol talked about the crazy working ways of the director. "Well, when Dev says he loves a shot, he certainly hasn't liked it and when he says oh it's crap, then you know he's liked it."

Road Movie revolves around Vishnu who escapes his non-exciting family business by offering to drive an antique truck across a desert - his journey and the people he encounter on it become the crux of the narrative.

The film, Road Movie is produced by Studio 18 and will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival on September 18.

Benegal said he loves the city of Toronto as his earlier flicks too had premiered there.

Abhay Deol too expressed a liking for Toronto, saying that Toronto is the perfect platform.

First Published: September 18, 2009, 3:42 AM IST
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