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AMRI: Inflammable goods stored at basement


First published: December 9, 2011, 5:43 PM IST | Updated: December 9, 2011
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AMRI: Inflammable goods stored at basement
NDRF team, however, finds no radiation leak in the sub-basement of fire-ravaged AMRI Hospital in Kolkata.

Kolkata: The basement of the fire-ravaged AMRI Hospital in Kolkata was used for storing inflammable articles and not for car parking, a senior corporation official alleged.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation DG (building) Devasish Kar alleged d that the basement was use for storing combustible articles and not for car parking for which it was meant when the building was constructed in 2004-5.

"It is an administrative lapse," Kar said. Mayor Sovan Chatterjee has called a high-level meeting with Building department officials to review the fate of the hospital building.

However, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) personnel, after checking the sub-basement of the hospital on Friday, found there was no danger of radiation leaks.

The team comprising six NDRF personnel had entered the radiation room over 12 hours after the fire.

A team member said they had checked the room, but found there was no danger of radiation leakage.

"We checked with sensor if there was any chemical, radiological and biological radiation, but we think there has been no radiation," he said.

Nuclear scientists said the kind of radiation machines used in the radiation room, situated in the hospital's sub-basement do not generally pose any danger of radiation.

"There is no possibility of local people getting affected by radiation leaks," the scientists said.