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Andy's elimination: House politics or Bigg Boss' partial decision?


Updated: October 29, 2013, 10:23 AM IST
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Andy's elimination: House politics or Bigg Boss' partial decision?
Andy's close friends in the house nominate him for elimination as Bigg Boss penalises them for plotting against Tanishaa and Armaan.

New Delhi: After the last week's fiasco between Kushal and Tanishaa, the house was definitely divided in two groups. But with the new twist in the last episode, it seems everyone is playing their own game in the house. The inmates discuss nominations in the house, where Andy, Kushal, Kamya and Gauahar want to eat 'daal' (code word for nominating Tanishaa), while Apurva and Pratyusha want to drink 'chai' (code word to nominate themselves).

Kamya tells everyone that going by the things that happened with Salman Khan, she is quite sure that "daal kabhi nahi galegi" meaning that Tanishaa would never be evicted from the show. But Andy tells that "daal ko hum galaenge" when everyone nominates Tanishaa and Armaan and they have no option but to send one person out of the show.

Later in the day, when Bigg Boss calls them to begin the nominations process and informs that they have been found guilty of discussing nominations in the house and that too in the presence of the captain. Bigg Boss tells them that they have broken a major rule in the house and now should be ready for the punishment. He asks Kushal to give him five names who were actively involved in the discussion and they would be directly nominated for elimination this week.

Kushal takes the names of Andy, Pratyusha, Kamya, Apurva and Elli. Bigg Boss then asks Kushal to take one name out of the five who was the most active in the discussion and would be asked to leave the house after the next announcement. Apurva tells everyone that he is more than game to leave the show and they all should nominate him. But Kushal tells Apurva that this not a fair and they should yet again vote. In the second round, Andy gets the maximum votes and becomes the next to be eliminated from the house.

Andy yet again becomes the scapegoat and he enters into an argument with Pratyusha that he was not the only person who was discussing the nominations. He later confronts Kushal that as a captain he should be fair but he is just being partial as he did not vote against Gauahar who was an active member in the nominations discussion. Kushal tells Andy that Gauahar is close to him and he would never vote against her.

Well, has Andy become the scapegoat of house politics yet again or is it Bigg Boss' yet another attempt to save Tanishaa and continue her stint on the show. In the prior seasons, the inmates have been given a few warnings and only after that they have been penalized. But this time around, when the inmates decided to gang up against Tanishaa and Armaan, Bigg Boss came up with his new twist. It has been often seen that Tanishaa has been favoured by Bigg Boss in the house. Was it yet another attempt to keep her in the show?

First Published: October 29, 2013, 10:23 AM IST
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