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Arabs deserve democracy, freedom and better life: Dr Wael Awwad

Updated: July 4, 2013, 4:27 PM IST
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Arabs deserve democracy, freedom and better life: Dr Wael Awwad
Army ousts Egyptian President Morsi, people celebrate.

Egypt's first democratically elected President was overthrown by the military, ousted just after one year in office after the Arab Spring uprising brought him to power. Many Egyptians were angered that Morsi was giving too much power to the Muslim Brotherhood and had failed to tackle the country's mounting economic woes. Dr Wael Awwad, South Asia bureau chief of Al Arabiya, joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the matter.

Q. What is the likely effect of this on other Ikhwan factions in Turkey and Syria? Asked by: Jayant

A. It will have a tremendous effect and we should watch the development there, as you can see it is already started in Turkey which will build up in the month to come and in Syria. The people of Syria rejected their ideology and now they are rallying behind the army to get rid of those extremists who is misusing religion to achieve political mileage .Rejection of political Islam is evident

Q. Sir, is this a mark of the Egyptian people saying no to radical Islamisation of their country? Why can't the Middle East have tolerant Islam like we in India have. Asked by: Anwar

A. Islam is a tolerant religion and that explains why it is the attracting more people but our fault lies in allowing extremists with the help of vested interest to use Islam to achieve their goals .Islam is for peace tolerance and equality and those who kills or force people to believe in their so called faith, they have no faith and must be educated or isolated.

Q. Why are Saudi Arabia and the US supporting rabid Salafist fighters in Syria? Those who keep poisonous snakes in their backyard always get bitten. Example: Pakistan. Why this destructive path? Asked by: Imran, Bangalore

A. The understanding of this culture of "Jihadists" is not a new phenomenon but it was nourished and practiced in Afghanistan and spread to our regions .They are the dark forces and mercenaries and their interest is only destruction .The world community has to unite to defeat and expose them .People are getting killed for no mistake of their own and this killing and destruction must be stopped.

Q. West Asia should just get rid of f US influence and develop closer ties with Russia, India, China. They can even join BRICS ( Brazil, Russia ,India, China) and influence Pakistan to walk out of the arrangements with the US. Wherever these Americans go, they create trouble and they remain safe in their island, whereas we suffer. Asked by: Narender, Patna

A. It is a lesson we all should learn that unipolarity has no place in a multipolar world and forces opposing to war and violence should join hand and make their voice heard .Country should resent attempt from other countries to play their agenda and look for their people interest in living in harmony and coexistence. The emerging powers must have a stand to put an end to this.

Q. What is the best solution for Egypt to bring about stability and peace in the country? Asked by: c4conscience

A. The army will play a major role in ensuring that a Civilian government is put in place which represent the strata of the society and a new constitution to be written, more freedom to media and jurisdiction this will ensure the pillars of democracy strong and if the Muslim Brotherhood cannot be contained then we may witness more bloodshed but I think so for the army understood their game plan and trying to preempt it.Arabs deserve democracy, freedom and a better life.

Q. Why does it always take an authoritarian rule to bring about a secular brand of Islam? Are the masses generally fanatical and not tolerant? Asked by: Dev

A. Islam should be separated from politics .Islam is a way of life and everyone has to stick to his own belief .Europe did that in the dark era and now we are repeating their mistake .No religious party should be allowed to contest election in a heterogeneous and secular society .Any state established on ideology will be doomed.

Q. Will people of Egypt see political stability in their country in future? We are tired of hearing massive protests and public outrage against the government. Do you think removal of Muslim brotherhood and Morsi can only give all solutions to the problems of citizens? What will be the future of Egypt? Asked by: vinod

A. I think the people of Egypt went to the street not because of unemployment or difficult harsh economic situation .They went beside that , to revitalize the revolution they started two and half years ago and wanted to build a better future with a true representative of the people to meet their aspiration .I think it was the pulse of the mass you sense that led to this historic protests to remove a regime they voted for but disappointed them

Q. I always thought the Ikhwan had a lot of moderates, left wing people as well. It's just the Dawa faction who are the nut-jobs. But there is a way to paint the entire Brotherhood as Islamist. This is not true. Is there a split along these lined within the Brotherhood too? Asked by: Anurag Mukherjee, Mumbai

A. Muslim brotherhood organization did what the government failed to do and improve the welfare of the people in the absence of a democratically elected government .Having said that, one must appreciate the works in this direction .But when you want me to return favor by voting for you and you have your own agenda then you were not true to your color .Religion should be separated from govt.

Q. This is a cause for major headache for the Saudi and the US for sure. Do you agree? If not why? Asked by: Kavalam

A. The failure of Saudi and US plan in the region is now evident and the fallout of the second revolution by Egyptians will determine the future those Islamists in Libya, Tunisia, Yemen , Jordan and Turkey .I think there is a counter revolution to correct the actual democratic track .The people will prevails and will win no matter what atrocities or intervention by others.

Q. Do you think Muslim Brotherhood that seems to have the support of more than 50 percent of country's population will keep quiet from now on? Asked by: VijayaKumar Kodagu

A. They do not have strength and their misdeeds will cost them dearly in the next election.

Q. Do Christians figure as a decent minority in Egypt? If yes, what is their role or representation in the current state of affairs? Asked by: Prakash

A. They are Egyptian after all and we should not see them as a separate entity. They enjoys equality and opportunities and contributed to Egypt strength. There will representative and will ensure their well being and build the trust once again.

First Published: July 4, 2013, 4:27 PM IST
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