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I am a gentleman, not a predator: Assange


First published: December 22, 2010, 9:37 AM IST | Updated: December 22, 2010
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I am a gentleman, not a predator: Assange
Defending himself on the sexual assault charges, Assange says he a gentleman.

New Delhi: Speaking out for the first time on sexual assault charges, Wikileaks founder defended himself saying he a gentleman and not a sexual predator.

In an interview to the BBC, Julian Assange defended his organisation and also explained why he is fighting extradition to Sweden over sexual assault allegations.

Assange called himself a gentleman in that interview, saying that the two women concerned were worried about contracting a sexually transmitted disease and went to the police for advice.

Assange said the women pressing charges went to the police for advice and not to file a complaint.

He gave the interview from the English mansion where he's living under strict bail conditions.

"My work is serious. I do not have to run off to random states simply because some prosecutor is abusing the process in those states. We are an organization that does not promote leaking and promotes justice. This particular episode in Sweden came as a great shock," said Assange while defending his organisation and addressing charges of sexual assault.

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