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Assaulted Dalit girl faces life time of trauma


First published: February 8, 2011, 2:09 PM IST | Updated: February 8, 2011
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Assaulted Dalit girl faces life time of trauma
The Dalit girl may have to live with a 'permanent hearing loss' and a 'disfigured face'.

Kanpur: The Dalit girl from Fatehpur who was maimed for resisting a rape attempt may have to live with the trauma of 'permanent hearing loss' and a 'disfigured face'.

"The perpetrators crossed all limits of humanity when they brutally chopped off her right ear. The savage attack has dislocated her right ear bone. Similarly a finger of her right hand too is severed," said Dr Anand Swaroop, in-charge of Hallet hospital and also Principal of GSVM Medical College, where the girl is undergoing treatment.

Three youths identified as Shivom, Hari Shanker and Pawan forcibly dragged the girl, when she had gone out for some work in the field and tried to rape her.When the girl resisted the rape attempt and raised analarm, the trio chopped off her nose, ear and a part of hand.

The condition of the girl, who is unconscious post the incident, is being monitored by a team of experts -an Orthopaedic surgeon, a General surgeon, a Dentist and a Maxillofacial expert at Hallet hospital in Kanpur. The minor victim may have to live up with the trauma of "permanent hearing loss".
Dr Swaroop said that though a team of doctors after a twelve-hour-long surgery managed to take stitches at the severed portion, it is yet premature to say whether the girl could hear from her right ear or not. "This could only be confirmed when the girl regains consciousness," said Swaroop.

The girl has suffered several cuts on face and few of her tooth are also broken in the barbaric attack by the accused. "She has suffered two fractures on her jaw and has lost few of her teeth in the attack. Her face bears many cuts and bruises and it could only be said after surgery whether her original face could be restored or not," said the in-charge of Hallet hospital. Dr Swaroop denied for time being the need to refer the victim to Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Science (PGI) in Lucknow as her condition is stable.

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