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'Aurangzeb' Tweet Review: First day, first show

Rohit Vats | http://nawabjha

Updated: May 17, 2013, 9:58 AM IST
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'Aurangzeb' Tweet Review: First day, first show
'Aurangzeb' revolves around a family which is infamous for their involvement in land scams.

New Delhi: After a satisfactory performance in 'Ishaqzaade', Arjun Kapoor is returning to silver screens with another crime saga 'Aurangzeb'. Directed by Atul Sabharwal, the film also features Sasheh Agha, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Rishi Kapoor, Jackie Shroff and Amrita Singh.

'Aurangzeb' revolves around a family which is infamous for their involvement in land scams. The next generation of the controllers of the dreaded real estate business is determined to change the rules of the game. However, it doesn't seem easy as the experienced family heads have their own ways of dealing with misdirected youths.

A lot will depend on 'Aurangzeb' for Arjun Kapoor as expectations are high from him, especially when he was liked in a similar role. Sasheh Agha would also like to do something more than just looking glamorous. It's also a chance for Prithviraj to carve a separate niche for himself in Bollywood. The audience will also see Amrita Singh in action after a long time.

Rohit Vats of IBNLive wass inside the theatre to live tweet the experience of 'Aurangzeb'.

9:46 AM: Stay tuned for the tweet review of #Aurangzeb.

9:47 AM: #Aurangzeb is directed by Atul Sabharwal and features Arjun Kapoor in double role.

9:48 AM: #Aurangzeb also stars Prithviraj, Sasheh Agha, Rishi Kapoor and Jackie Shroff in important roles.

9:50 AM: The audience will get a chance to watch Amrita Singh on the big screen after a long gap in #Aurangzeb.

9:51 AM: #Aurangzeb is expected to feature rival families involved in the business of real estate development.

9:54 AM: A lot depends on #Aurangzeb for Arjun. He was liked in a cynical role in Ishaqzaade but he needs to show other sides of his acting as well.

9:58 AM: #Aurangzeb will also give Prithviraj a chance to showcase his talent to the Hindi film audience. Sikandar Kher is also in the film.

10:00 AM: What are your expectations from #Aurangzeb? Will it turn out to be a gripping drama?

10:08 AM: These days writers don't take more than 2-3 scenes to establish a story. #Aurangzeb directly comes to the theme.

10:22 AM: The film is set in the backdrop of Delhi-NCR. The director has tried hard to make #Aurangzeb a gritty film.

10:30 AM: Rishi Kapoor is frequently experimenting with his characters these days. #Aurangzeb takes the trend forward.

10:35 AM: Barbadiyaan mithi lage ye azadiyaan. Sasheh Agha is responsible for the glamour quotient of #Aurangzeb.

10:42 AM: Plots are changing very fast in #Aurangzeb but actors need to adjust with the pace of the film.

10:48 AM: Sometimes emotions are not allowed to unfold in the name of style. #Aurangzeb

11:00 AM: Dialect is not exactly as per the backdrop. Atul Sabharwal is required to take care of the secondary characters. #Aurangzeb

11:12 AM: A gangster flick becomes a credible film when it displays the human side of the people involved in the bad business. #Aurangzeb

11:15 AM: #Aurangzeb has a very powerful scene involving Rishi Kapoor and Deepti Naval. These actors will never lose their charm.

11:20 AM: This story has potential. Nobody is innocent in #Aurangzeb and that makes it interesting.

11:28 AM: This is another gem of a role from Rishi Kapoor. He has brought brilliant nuances to his character. #Aurangzeb

11:34 AM: The film is heading towards the climax. More action packed scenes are waiting the audience. #Aurangzeb

11:38 AM: #Aurangzeb has become quite an engaging film. Hope the climax fits the story.

11:45 AM: Arjun Kapoor has come forward from where he left in Ishaqzaade. #Aurangzeb is full of schemes and moles.

11:49 AM: The underbelly of the real estate business in NCR has been presented in a masala manner. #Aurangzeb

11:55 AM: There is something in Amrita Singh's manner. She is menacing. #Aurangzeb

11:56 AM: The last thing the audience would want is a predictable end. #Aurangzeb

12:01 PM: The ultimate game has begun. This Rishi Kapoor hasn't been seen before. #Aurangzeb

12:06 PM: There are unintended funny scenes in the climax. They dilute the intensity. #Aurangzeb

12:09 PM: The dragged ending has affected the film. #Aurangzeb

12:16 PM: The director has tried his best to give #Aurangzeb a philosophical finish but it takes a lot of time.

12:26 PM: Acting wise, #Aurangzeb belongs to Rishi Kapoor. Arjun Kapoor and Prithviraj are good though Arjun seemed trying hard in some scenes.

12:27 PM: Atul Sabharwal has picked a good theme but the dragged climax takes some charm from #Aurangzeb.

12:29 PM: The director is also confused about the screen space of characters. They are many in number. #Aurangzeb

12:32 PM: The film is engaging till the climax. The research part is also good. #Aurangzeb

12:34 PM: The film is a new take on family rivalry and has its own moments. #Aurangzeb

12:35 PM: Overall, #Aurangzeb is a gritty thriller with a brand new Rishi Kapoor. A good watch this weekend.

12:36 PM: Thanks for being with us throughout the tweet review of #Aurangzeb. Stay tuned for more.

First Published: May 17, 2013, 9:58 AM IST
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