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Aussies pledge to uphold true spirit of cricket


First published: January 13, 2008, 11:30 PM IST | Updated: January 13, 2008
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Aussies pledge to uphold true spirit of cricket
Australia's gamesmanship in second Test has been severely criticised.

Perth: In a bid to wipe-off the 'blot' on their image of playing with "win-at-any-cost" attitude, Australian skipper Ricky Ponting and his men have pledged to protect the spirit of the game but would continue with their aggressive style of play.

The Australian team held an extraordinary meeting with players, reinforcing their pledge to the spirit of cricket in a bid to restore their battered image, a report in the Herald Sun on Sunday said.

Leadership guru Ray McLean also attended the meeting, it was reported.

Australia drew flak from media, fans and many former players for not playing the game in the true spirit.

Questions were raised on their sportsmanship as they claimed catches, which were not and did not show honesty when they themselves were out clearly.

Michael Clarke, who acted as protagonist in the ill-tempered Sydney Test by waiting too long for the umpire's decision even after offering a clear catch and later claiming a doubtful low catch, praised Ponting for taking the initiative.

"One of Ricky's greatest strengths is that he always seems to bring things to the forefront, and he always seems to address the team when it needs to be addressed," he said.

"On big occasions, before the recent Ashes, after 2005, before the World Cup, he always seems to address us at the right time."

Ponting hopes his team's image improves further when he and Indian counterpart Anil Kumble smoke the peace-pipe, the report added.

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