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Balanced lifestyle will help fight depression: Dr Sameer Malhotra


Updated: June 4, 2013, 6:22 PM IST
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Balanced lifestyle will help fight depression: Dr Sameer Malhotra
How to cope with mental depression.

Depression has become a part and parcel of a modern man or woman's life, often driving some to the point of committing suicide. So how do we fight it? Dr Sameer Malhotra, head of the Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences at Max Healthcare joined IBNLive readers on the matter.

Q. What are the long term side effects of Prodep-20 mg? Asked by: Dhrush

A. Dear Dhrush, thanks for your mail. Medicines are known to have some side effects. It is the benefit of the medication over the side effects that help in choosing the appropriate medication. Some gastric side effects like acidity, mild tremors, some roaring of sodium levels can be associated with the medication. If at all having any concern regarding the medication please. Do not hesitate in contacting the treating psychiatrist. I hope that helps.

Q. Brain is computer with an OS and the behaviour is the software. Is it true? Asked by: S.PURUSHOTHAMAN

A. Dear Sudeep, brain is a very important and vital organ of the body and is capable of performing tasks much more than any man made computer. Mind is the function of the brain and one aspect of the brain is behaviour. Thanks for your suggestion.

Q. I get in an foul mood when I don't get the things I asked for and goes to an extreme of suicide but not even tried suicide and if I get that thing I am cheerful, is it depression? Asked by: Madhavan

A. Dear Madhavan, Thanks for your question. Mood can never be a straight line for any one of us. Mood fluctuations are quite normal. But remember extremes of mood and pervasive mood states can be distressing. The other important thing to bear in mind is the ability to control one's impulses. Each person is unique in his/her own ways. While dealing with people, it is important to realize that it is not necessary that the other person would agree to our perspectives/choices. Realistic expectations from others and respecting the boundaries between self and others help. Whenever stuck in a difficult situation, try to look at things more objectively, avoiding subjective bias. It is great that you tend to introspect and have realized the impulsive stance that you take at times. Your problem might be of impulse dyscontrol. You might find Cognitive Behaviour therapy useful. Get a Blood Thyroid profile done. Do not hesitate in contacting a Psychiatrist. All the best Dr Sameer Malhotra

Q. Can depression make, someone very cheerful and socially active, a complete loner?Am I Bipolar how to find? Asked by: Sudeep

A. Dear Sudeep, Thanks for your question. We all have a personality profile. There are people with hyperthymic traits: cheerful/bubbly by nature. When depression strikes them, they do become low, depressed, socially withdrawn, have easy crying, get easily irritated, go through negative thought processes in the mind, and have disturbances in sleep and appetite. Broadly speaking, there are 2 main categories of mood disorders; unipolar depression and bipolar disorder. People suffering from Bipolar mood disorder go through highs and lows in mood. During the high phases, people make rash decisions, start thinking too high about themselves, have decreased need to sleep, become over talkative, at times spend in excess alongside other symptoms. During the low phases, the affected person loses zeal, gets easily fatigued, remains sad most of the time, loses interest in pleasurable activities. Mood disorders are quite common in the society. They are treatable. The best way to reach a diagnosis is a detailed assessment through a Psychiatrist. One should also try to maintain healthy lifestyles and keeping a regular healthy sleep-wake schedule. I hope that helps Best wishes, Dr Sameer Malhotra.

Q. How to remove our mental depression? Asked by: satyam tripathi

A. Dear Satyam, Thanks for your question. Here are a few tips: Healthy sleep-wake schedule and healthy balanced diet (milk and milk products are good sources of Tryptophan that gets converted into serotonin in our system) Regular exercises/yoga Solution based approach Positive self talks and challenging negative thoughts about self and others Engaging in meaningful work/activities Keeping creativity alive (dance/music/creative art forms) Having faith, hope and patience I hope that helps Best wishes Dr Sameer malhotra Positive social support.

Q. I have been taking prodep20 mg suggested by psychiatrist for last 4 years. I feel instead of medicine there has to be process for mental healing. Is there any way to get rid of the medicine. Asked by: Dhrush

A. Dear Dhrush, I suggest you should take proper professional opinion and meet the psychiatrist in person. It would require a detailed understanding of your personality, context and state of mind alongside response to medication and its tolerability issues, before making such a choice. For depression alongside medication, psychotherapy viz. Cognitive behavioural therapy and relaxation techniques have also been found to be useful. All the best Dr Sameer Malhotra.

Q. Can the negative environment of the society be a leading factor for depression? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Yes it could be one but not the only factor responsible. A lot also depends on how one looks at the situation. Many a times our own automatic thoughts arising in a distressing situation make us feel more low and helpless. One really needs to understand the specific context and state, before making a generalized comment. Best wishes, Dr Sameer Malhotra.

Q. Is Comparison killing Human Beings? Asked by: Manoj

A. Dear Manoj, I agree with you. One's true comparison should be with one's own self and not with others as each one of us is so unique in our own ways. Trying to overcome our weaknesses and trying to polish our strengths helps. Defining a purpose, leading a balanced lifestyle helps. Best wishes, Dr Sameer Malhotra.

First Published: June 4, 2013, 6:22 PM IST
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