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Bigg Boss 6: Vishal wants to officially date Sana

First published: December 21, 2012, 11:31 AM IST | Updated: December 21, 2012
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Bigg Boss 6: Vishal wants to officially date Sana
Bigg Boss gave a task to Rajev and Vishal to woo Sana for a date.

New Delhi: After a day of publicly accepting on the show that Rajev has been attracted to Sana and is jealous of Vishal and Sana's closeness, Bigg Boss gave his own twist to the entire story. Bigg Boss gave a task to Rajev and Vishal to woo Sana for a date. Both the inmates were asked to woo Sana in their own ways and then she can decide who she wants to go out on a date with.

Imam, who was made to monitor the task, was asked to give instructions to the three inmates at his own will. Imam asked Rajev to sing and Vishal to perform on a song for Sana. When Vishal denied performing for Sana, she broke down as she thought that no one is taking the task seriously and she was being mocked at. Later, Vishal came to console Sana and promised her that he would give his hundred percent in the task.

When the task resumed, Rajev went onto recite a poem for Sana. While Vishal on the other hand, decided to pour out his heart. He told Sana, "I have fallen for you or I am falling for you. I really like you. Once we are out of this show, I would want to officially date you."

Sana was quite impressed with Vishal and went onto choose him for the date. Sana's decision miffed Rajev as she told everyone that she can't go on a date with Rajev since Delnaaz is in the house. But Rajev did not stop at this. He discussed with other inmates that Sana should not have been a part of the task if she had a prior reason.

Vishal, on the other hand, told Sana that Rajev has feelings for her and he doesn't think that his intentions are right. But, Sana still decided to clear the air but Rajev turned a deaf ear to her justifications. Later in the night, Bigg Boss had set up a date for Sana and Vishal by the pool side.

With Vishal's public declaration of love on the show, Delnaaz and Aashka inquired Sana about what's cooking between the two of them. Sana said that there is nothing between them and she is just comfortable with him to go on a date.

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