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Bigg Boss 7: Dolly Bindra calls Armaan Kohli her 'ex-brother'


Updated: November 28, 2013, 3:33 PM IST
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Bigg Boss 7: Dolly Bindra calls Armaan Kohli her 'ex-brother'
Bigg Boss' ex-contestant Dolly Bindra, Payel Rohatgi and Nigar Khan will enter the house tonight.

New Delhi: 'Bigg Boss' ex-contestant Dolly Bindra, who had wowed and shocked the nation, courtesy her witty one-liners and verbal tirade against Shweta Tiwari, will enter the house tonight. Interestingly, it isn't just Dolly who gets to meet the contestants. Andy's mother Nirmala Kumari, Gauhar's sister Nigaar Khan, Kamya's mother Nanda Punjabi and Sangram Singh's girlfriend Payal Rohatgi will also get to be part of the reality show. According to a source close to the channel, Bigg Boss contestants' relatives have been asked to enter the show so that they get to spend quality time with them.

Popular actress Dolly, who confirmed her entry, spoke to us at length about her 'memorable' and 'emotional' experience of getting back on the show. Dolly, who enters the house roaring, 'Jo Bole So Nihaal Sat Sri Akaal' was a bit upset when the contestants couldn't greet her with a jhappi, courtesy special Freeze task. According to this task, the contestants had to stay in a statue position while their relatives/family members were let loose. While performing the tasks no contestant had the right to talk or react, which is also the reason why Dolly was a bit upset. "Maine bola Bigg Boss ko, 'Bigg Boss kya kar diya aapne? Jhappi, pappi to lene dete sabse," she said.

"Gauahar, who was a little shocked to see me, was quick to ask, 'Aap kya yahan rehen aye ho?' When I nodded my head in approbation, Kushal Tandon said, 'Arrey inhonein toh 14 number ka mike pehana hai.' Before he could say more, Kushal and Gauahar had to go back to their statue position on Bigg Boss' instructions," she recalled.

Dolly, who refers to Armaan as ex-brother, isn't oblivious of the reports suggesting the actor had hit her, an incident which happened years ago. "I'm aware of all the reports you are talking about. Let bygones be bygones. Why should I use a popular platform like 'Bigg Boss' for all this? Kyunk Armaan pe mai kichad uhcaaloon? Aisi cheezein bhi hoti hain zindagi mei."

Even though Dolly was elated to go back to 'Bigg Boss 7', she also admitted to being sad for the contestants locked inside the controversial house. "I felt depressed when I entered the house because each contestant is living a lonely, sad and frustrated life in the house," she replied.

The oh-so-candid Dolly hopes the contestants she spoke to aren't hurt by her honest comments. "While speaking to Armaan, I crooned the song 'Lai vi na gai... maarda jahan taenu sara' Instead of mainu I said tainu. So the meaning changed. It was unintentional and I wouldn't want anyone to be upset by this," she says, adding, "Sofia is sassy and is doing well in the show. Since I was over-excited I don't know why I sang 'Honthon se choo lo tum". Again, I wasn't trying to offend her and I hope it is not misconstrued by the viewers."

When asked if someone was over-excited to see her in the house, she said, "When the contestants were released from their statue position, Sofia was the first to try to lift me. Soon, Sangram came running and lifted me."

Read on to know what Dolly told each contestant in the house.

Ajaz: He is such an emotional contestant; he couldn't hold back his tears when he met me. "Sab theek hai bahar. Tumhari familt theek hai, teri film ki chootihng bhi postopone ho gai hai. Stay in the house and don't come across as a cranky baby."

Armaan: He is my ex-brother. I wanted him to take care of his health and stay away from pointless brawls. "Tu mujhse chhota hai, tu aake mujhse mil."

Tanishaa: "Please begin to take your stand on critical issues." I hugged her and gave a peck too.

Kamya: "Why do you have to fight with Andy? Tum uss se dosti kyun nahi karti ho?"

Kushal: "Meri baat ko samjho, aankehin kholo tum. Don't take a stand for others unnecessarily. Kyun apne paer pe kulhadi maarte ho? Tum waise white kurte mei acchey lagte ho."

Gauahar: "Kyun thakur kya haal hai?"

Sofia: I thought she looked like a mannequin in a statue position. I'm not being mean by making this statement.

First Published: November 28, 2013, 3:33 PM IST
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