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Bigg Boss 7: Don't take advantage of me, Tanishaa warns Armaan


Updated: November 13, 2013, 10:15 AM IST
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Bigg Boss 7: Don't take advantage of me, Tanishaa warns Armaan
Is it too difficult for Tanishaa Mukherji to pay heed to Salman Khan's advice?

New Delhi: Even though Tanishaa Mukherji has been paying heed to Salman Khan's advice to keep away from Armaan Kohli, the actress isn't firm about her decision, it seems. Remember on Day 57 Tanisha had asked Armaan to mend his ways, as it was projecting her as a repressed woman? Shockingly, the next day in the controversial Bigg Boss house saw Tanishaa enjoying Armaan's company even though it meant being grabbed.

After the housemates mates wake up to the song 'Khooni Monday', they are told about this week's luxury budget task. After Gauahar reads out the rules of the task, the housemates get into the role of a commando and protect Mount Bigg Boss from the opponents. Soon the garden area turns into a battle ground and the housemates gear up to combat their enemies.

Since the housemates have to perform the task, they are barred from entering the house and asked to restrict themselves to the garden area for all their needs- cooking, eating or sleeping. Elli, who elected as the General of the Army, has to regulate all the commandos who have to stay united. They are offered shields to defend themselves from the attack. In addition to this, they are also given the task to shield the General at all times and the commando who is on the treadmill placed next to the mountain.

As a part of the task, Elli is expected to be a strict General. That's precisely why she behaves tough with the commandos. Ellie appoints Ajaz as her bodyguard and asks him to save her from harm.

Later in the day, the enemy attacks the group. Since Andy, who is at the forefront, finds it difficult to deal with the pressure and combat the attack, Sangram along with Armaan take over and try their best to guard the Mount Bigg Boss and Tanisha who is on the treadmill. Once the attack subsides, Elli punishes Tanisha and Andy for not being serious the task seriously. She pretends to hit them with the stick. Later Elli also punishes Ajaz for not guarding her properly.

Before the commandos could pull through the first attack, they have to fight a terrorist who is seen entering their territory by scaling the walls of the house. They throw water balloons at them, but Sangram and Armaan succeed in dodging them. Since Elli couldn't do justice to her duty of being the General, she is replaced by Kamya.

The team soon has to battle another attack in which they are targeted with a laser gun.

Later in the evening, when Tanisha is sitting busy talking to Andy, Armaan butts in. Even though Tanisha asks Armaan to leave them alone as she wanted to discuss something important with Andy, he doesn't pay heed to her request. When Tanisha asks Armaan to stay away from her as his hands aren't clean, he tries to grab her. "Gande haath hain aapke, mujhe haath mat lagana," Tanisha warns Armaan. "Don't take advantage of me," she adds. Even though it is done in jest, Andy makes sure he stays out of it. When Tanishaa requests Andy to protect him from Armaan, he says there's nothing he can do.

During the course of the war Kamya is abducted by the enemy. The housemates are informed about it when they watch her on the TV. Kamya, who is handcuffed and pushed into an isolated room, shares the kidnappers' demand which includes 5 bedding, stove and shields. The housemates try to negotiate with the kidnappers to release Kamya. But they are oblivious of the fact that she had already been released from the isolated room and is kept in the bedroom. The housemates further rest in the garden area and await Kamya's return.

First Published: November 13, 2013, 10:15 AM IST
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