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Bigg Boss 7: Friends today, foes tomorrow; the changing equations of house inmates

Updated: October 31, 2013, 10:37 AM IST
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Bigg Boss 7: Friends today, foes tomorrow; the changing equations of house inmates
There is never a clear group inside the house and no one is really a best friend with anyone.

New Delhi: Equations amongst inmates inside the Bigg Boss house change on a daily basis. There is never a clear group inside the house and no one is really a best friend with anyone. While the inmates constantly state they are trying to play a fair game, the reality is stark different.

The recent fight between Andy and Kushal over Gauhar has brought into focus that once you are inside the house no one is really your best friend. Since the beginning of the seventh season this year, Gauhar and Andy have been very close friends but on Tuesday night all hell broke loose when Andy made some personal remarks about Gauhar while performing a task given by Bigg Boss. After the task got over, Gauhar lashed out at Andy and Kushal went and hit Andy which eventually led to Kushal's eviction.

But Gauhar and Andy aren't the only one who were once friends and are now foes. Here is a look at the changing equation inside the house of Bigg Boss

Armaan-Tanishaa: They may be the new lovebirds in town who stick by each other in almost all the fights now but not so long ago, Armaan had a huge problem with Tanishaa as the captain of the house. This was during the initial few weeks when Tanisha was made the captain for the consecutive second time and Armaan had just moved to the Jannat side of the house. Armaan was seen criticizing Tanishaa with Rajat and Sangram and had said that when he becomes the captain, he would make Tanisha do all the dirty work.

Kushal-Pratyusha: Kushal and Pratyusha shared cold vibes in the initial days of Bigg Boss. The two TV actors even got into an argument once where the two expressed their dislike towards each other. But the recent argument with Andy united the two and Pratyusha even justified Kushal's violent antics.

Kamya-Gauhar: They fought over a task where Kamya was miffed when Gauhar nominated herself and Kushal to go towards the Jannat side. The two stopped talking and were generally sarcastic towards each other. But once the two houses merged, Kamya and Gauhar started warming up to each other and made Tanishaa their common enemy.

Tanishaa-Shilpa: Shilpa had called Tanishaa a very sorted person once and was shocked when Tanishaa suddenly changed sides and became Armaan's confidante and spoke ill about her. Shilpa even confronted Tanishaa and told her that she did not appreciate Tanishaa's negative comments about her. When Shilpa was voted out, Tanishaa hugged her and big her goodbye.

Andy-Armaan: Armaan and Andy have never got along. They have hated each other and got into maximum arguments. Armaan has even called Andy names which were absolutely uncalled for. So when Armaan took Andy's side and threated Kushal with dire consequences if he even touched Andy, most of us were quiet stunned.

Armaan-Kamya-Pratyusha: The trio were inseparable in the beginning and only vouched for each other. In fact the three plotted and nominated the same people every week. But with Tanishaa's entry into Armaan's life, things went awry between the three. Kamya was abused and called a 'divorcee' by Armaan in a fit of rage- for which he apologised later. Pratyusha even went and told Armaan that she has stopped talking to him because of Tanisha.

First Published: October 31, 2013, 10:37 AM IST
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