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Bigg Boss 7: Gauhar and Kushal nominated for their closeness?


First published: September 24, 2013, 11:00 AM IST | Updated: September 24, 2013
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Bigg Boss 7: Gauhar and Kushal nominated for their closeness?
Gauhar and Kushal's growing closeness has been creating lot of buzz inside the house.

New Delhi: Things are slowly heating up inside the 'Bigg Boss' house. As expected, small groups within the inmates has been formed and on Monday nominations clearly highlighted that who was siding with whom inside the house.

The show began with Rajat Rawail expressing to Bigg Boss that he would like to quit the show as he was not feeling well. Rawail claimed that he was mentally and physically not fit to be a part of the show. Most of the inmates were worried seeing Rajat in such a state. The producer-director refused to eat and kept crying and pleading that he must be allowed to leave the show. Bigg Boss on his part sent three doctors to meet Rajat and all of them claimed that he was physically fit and could continue on the show.

Meanwhile, on captain Tanisha's instruction, all the inmates took off their mikes to show solidarity towards Rajat. Bigg Boss called Tanisha inside the confession room and made her understand that they are looking into the matter and will decide what to do with Rajat eventually. Bigg Boss asked Tanisha to wear her mic and ask the others as well to do the same.

Since it was a Monday, the Jannat inmates were asked to nominate inmates from Jahanum for eviction. The votes were clearly divided between Gauhar and Kushal and Pratyusha and Kamya which, in a way, highlighted that who was taking whose side in the house.

Gauhar and Kushal's growing closeness has also been creating lot of buzz inside the house. The two are seen to be spending most of their times together and have becoming a talking point for most of the inmates in the house. After getting nominated, Gauhar and Kushal are seen discussing who all have nominated them and Guahar warns Kushal to trust no one, including her inside the house.

Meanwhile, after Rajat recovers from his depression, Andy reveals to Shilpa and Apurva that he had overheard Rajat and Armaan discussing how they would create an 'episode' inside the house, a few days back. Andy states that maybe Rajat was all along faking it and he never really had any kind of anxiety attack.

The Bigg Boss also gives captian Tanisha the right to nominate a person from Jannat for this week's eviction and she nominates Rajat on the basis of his condition.

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