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Bigg Boss 7: I want to stay away from Gauhar, Kushal tells Tanisha

Updated: October 11, 2013, 1:49 PM IST
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Bigg Boss 7: I want to stay away from Gauhar, Kushal tells Tanisha
Upset with the team's decision to call him the weakest inmate and Gauhar's attitude, Kushal wants to quit the show.

New Delhi: Day 25 of 'Bigg Boss 7' had its ups and downs. The day kicked off with contestants Armaan Kohli and Asif Azmi's crazed confrontation. Armaan is irritated because he believes Asif has been plotting against him and mocks him in Tanisha's absence. Soon, the viewers got to watch a minor row between Sangram and Gauhar.

On seeing Gauhar and Kushal spend quality time together, Sangram called them 'love birds', a term which had offended Gauhar. "Yeh mat bolo," Gauhar warned Sangram. "Agar dost hoke ye bologey toh it isn't done," she added.

Tanisha, who shares a good rapport with Armaan, tried every trick to cheer him up. "Abhi baat nahi karni? I will irritate you till you don't talk to me," Tanisha had told Armaan, but he continued to avoid her.

Later in the day, Sangram clarified his statement by talking about Gauhar's strange behavior and her closeness with Kushal to Andy. To prove Gauhar wrong, he even told Andy that she should maintain distance from Kushal if she isn't dating him. While the two get busy in discussing Kushal-Gauhar relationship, Armaan is asked by Bigg Boss to select two names from hell who couldn't perform well during the task. Kamya, who is also called into the confession room, has to name two best performers.

While Kushal and Armaan are named the weakest contenders, Kamya and Andy emerge as the best performers. Kushal, who is upset with the decision, requests Bigg Boss to call him in the confession room and meanwhile spends time sulking in the washroom. While speaking to Bigg Boss, Kushal got overly emotional and even sought his permission to quit the game. Later, he tells Gauhar that he was upset with her as she didn't defend him. Gauhar too breaks down when Kushal avoids her and spends time with Tanisha instead.

During Tabadla, Armaan announces his name with Kushal while Kamya takes her name along with Andy. During Tabadla, Bigg Boss asks every hell-mate to mention the name of one heaven inmate they can't want stay with. Interestingly, it is Pratyusha who gets to stay back in heaven. Since the light at the wishing wall is on, the heaven inmates are given the opportunity to express their wish. While Tanisha, Pratyusha, Kamya wish to have Armaan join them in the heaven section, Asif asks for fish. Bigg Boss grants their wish but also asks for a contestant they'd want to move from heaven to the hell section. The team's unanimous decision goes against Andy. After Tabadla, Gauhar is shown sulking as she too wanted to stay back in hell-side, but Kushal consoles her understand and asks her to be strong.

First Published: October 11, 2013, 1:49 PM IST
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