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Bigg Boss 7: Should Salman Khan return as host?

Charu Thakur |

Updated: January 17, 2013, 12:05 PM IST
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Bigg Boss 7: Should Salman Khan return as host?
'Alag Che' season also saw an 'alag' avatar of Salman Khan on the small screen.

New Delhi: Salman Khan has been entertaining the audiences since the past three seasons of the reality show. From tickling a few funny bones to upright reprimanding the inmates for their uncalled for behaviour, Salman Khan has been very much a part of 'Bigg Boss' for three years now. With 'Bigg Boss 6' already wrapped up, should the actor return to the small screen as the host of the next season?

While the actor has kept the show lively with his antics on the show, but 'Alag Che' season also saw an 'alag' avatar of Salman Khan on the small screen. The actor not just entered into a verbal spat with Imam Siddiqui on the show, but was also seen giving a cold shoulder to Sapna Bhavnani. Salman did not stop at this, he even went onto openly discuss the Rajev and Delnaaz's broken relationship on national television.

According to a poll conducted by IBNLive, 75 percent people think that Salman Khan was biased towards a few inmates on 'Bigg Boss 6'. Despite Rajev's constant misconducts with Imam, Salman never reprimanded the former for the same. In fact, he took an active interest in Rajev-Sana love angle and kept on nudging both during the Friday episodes.

As a host of the show, Salman should have adopted a neutral approach and treated all inmates equally. But, that was not the case in season six of the show. In fact, Sapna Bhavnani said in an interview to IBNLive after her eviction that Salman Khan is a male chauvinist. According to her, "Salman is a sexist and he encouraged acts of male contestants like Rajev, Vishal and Santosh Shukla, which (as a host) he should have condemned."

If Salman Khan was biased towards a few on the show, the actor made it quite apparent with his acts. Anyone who disagreed with Salman on the show immediately got into his bad books. After a spat with Imam Siddiqui during one of the episodes when Imam begged to differ with his opinion and called 'Time Out', Salman began to give cold shoulder to him on the show. During the Friday episodes, when Imam wanted to give his opinion on any issue, Salman often switched to other inmates, thus completely ignoring Imam.

Salman might have loved cracking a few jokes relating to Rajev, Delnaaz or Sana, but at times he did cross the line. Where Rajev and Delnaaz's divorce became the talk of the town with 'Bigg Boss 6', Salman Khan did not refrain himself from his tongue-in-cheek humour. As a host of the show, he should have kept himself away from discussing their personal life on national television. But, the actor decided otherwise and did enjoy taking digs at the two on the show.

However, on the other hand, Niketan Madhok denied the allegations that Salman is biased towards anyone on the show. In an interview to a news agency after his eviction, Niketan was quoted as saying that Salman only supports a deserving candidate and is not biased on the show.

Salman might have gone overboard with his behaviour on the show this season, but there is no denying the fact that the actor is entertaining on the show. He knows how to bring a smile to the faces of the inmates and audiences with his humour. However, at the same time he should keep in mind that he cannot get personal with the inmates and take sides on the show. If Salman decides to entertain the audiences even during the next season, then we surely would want him back as the host of the next season with some more 'masti' and loads of 'drama'.

First Published: January 17, 2013, 12:05 PM IST
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