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Bigg Boss 7: VJ Andy says he worked at a dance bar for money


Updated: September 17, 2013, 12:20 PM IST
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Bigg Boss 7: VJ Andy says he worked at a dance bar for money
From VJ Andy making this revelation to Pratyusha losing her cool, Day 1 was a mix of fun, ego clashes and fear.

New Delhi: Since the reality show Bigg Boss is known for contestants' bickering and tiffs, which are uncalled for, how could Day 1 in the house be bereft of weird antics! After the inmates settled in, they explored the house and discussed the problems they are expected to combat during their stay. Day 1 kicked off with Warden giving a wake-up call to all the inmates and welcoming them to the oh-so-controversial house.

While Shilpa, Gauhar and Anita took up the kitchen duties, and got busy cooking meals for the housemates, those who get the Jahannum section, mop the floor and complete different tasks. So if Pratyusha threw no tantrums in sweeping the floor, Kushal didn't mind cleaning the mattresses either, Apurva took care of the washrooms and Elli helped the contestants in storing water.

Amidst the confusion which was quite evident on Day 1, Apurva and Shilpa managed to exchange sweet gestures and even kissed each other through the barbed wire that segregates Jannat and Jahannum.

As the day progressed, Bigg Boss announced the nomination process where the Jannat housemates were asked to nominate two members from the hell house. During the nomination process, Anita broke down into tears and appeared to be depressed. Even when Bigg Boss asked her the reason of her break down, she refused to mention anything. During their conversation, Kushal admitted to Tanisha that he is addicted to alcohol. And Tanisha tells him to get rid of the habit.

Later in the day, Andy entertained everyone with his Kathak moves. During her conversation with Sangram Singh, Anita spoke about her struggle. To this Sangram said, "Bina sangharsh he koi mahan nahi hota."

Andy, who also joined them in the conversation, tells them that he lost his father when he was just 13. Andy also spoke about his mother working at a factory to eke out a livelihood. He also told the inmates about working at a dance bar and facing all sort of problems to earn money.

But Andy did come across as an irksome inmate. Besides speaking about experience of sharing the bed with Sangram Singh, his 'khulne mei' joke followed by a weird giggle was unbearable!

The day comes to end when Bigg Boss announced a task for Andy and Shilpa to talk to the nominated contestants about their real motive to come into the Bigg Boss house.

It is when Andy, Shilpa, Gauhar begin to interview the inmates of Jahannum section that the tiffs kick off. Gauhar miffed Pratyusha Bannerji with what the TV actress thought was a snigger. For the uninitiated, Pratyusha, while talking about her career, had said that she is extremely popular, courtesy TV. Even though Gauhar had not meant to upset Pratyusha, her snigger didn't go down well Pratyusha. Pratyusha felt she had a condescending attitude towards TV artists. For someone, whose sister belong to the small screen, such a behaviour is appalling.

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First Published: September 17, 2013, 12:20 PM IST
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