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Bigg Boss 7: What were Tanisha, Armaan doing in the smoking room?


Updated: October 18, 2013, 11:42 AM IST
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Bigg Boss 7: What were Tanisha, Armaan doing in the smoking room?
Vexed with their closeness, Kamya Punjabi cast aspersions on Tanisha and Armaan.

New Delhi: Day 32 in the controversial 'Bigg Boss' house was about backbiting, confrontations and formation of new relationships among the inmates.

Around midnight, the inmates are jolted out of sleep when stuntmen tore down the hell section by using hammers. Stunned and shocked by the attack, the inmates try to rush out of the hell section. The stuntmen too come to their rescue and ask them to climb up a small passage with the help of a rope. Unfamiliar with what's in store for them, they follow stuntmen's instruction only to enter the hell section.

Ignorant of Bigg Boss' decision to transfer hell inmates to the heaven section, the heaven inmates are also shocked to meet everyone. Heaven inmates shout and hug everybody in excitement. Before they could realise, the hell section is cordoned off. While all this is going on, the inmates spot a masked stuntman walking towards the refrigerator to have water. It is only when he removes the face mask that everybody recognizes him and realizes that he is the new entrant of the house. After wishing everybody Eid Mubarak, he introduces himself as Vivek Mishra. Pratyusha and Kamya, who had known him, give him a warm welcome.
Tanisha, who isn't excited by the entry of the new contestant, tells Armaan, 'Yeh toh Andy ka bhi baap nikelga.'

After the wakeup call, Andy mocks Sangram as he practices yoga postures in the garden area. Besides wishing everybody Eid Mubarak, Bigg Boss also informs that since the heaven inmates had won the task, they were allowed to sleep on the beds, while the hell inmates had to use the beddings available on the floor. Bigg Boss also announces that if they wanted to use the beds, they had to seek permission from the heaven mates. Interestingly, Gauhar tells Kushal that she wouldn't mind giving her bed to help Tanisha.

Later in the day, when Asif and Gauhar are getting ready for Eid celebrations, Gauhar gets a surprise gift from Bigg Boss. The actress finds it difficult to contain her excitement when she receives ingredients for Sheirkurma. While everybody is chatting in the garden area, Shilpa is seen taking digs at Tanisha. While speaking to Kamya and Pratyusha, Shilpa tells them that Elli had told her that Tanisha was speaking ill about her. Shilpa admitted to being shocked by this as she had never seen Elli take part in any such thing. Later, Tanisha tells Armaan how Kamya and Pratyusha, influenced by other people's perspective, have been ignoring them.

Since Shilpa and Andy take time to submit the budget to Bigg Boss, and continue to make additions despite Bigg Boss' instructions, the inmates are not allowed to redeem their luxury budget points for this week and not be given anything they had mentioned in the luxutry budget. Even though Andy and Shilpa along with the other inmates apologise for their behaviour, Bigg Boss pays no heed to their admission of guilt. Irked with this decision, Shilpa refers to Bigg Boss as Bigg Fraud.

Just when almost everybody is talking about the indifferent attitude of Tanisha and Armaan, Tanisha speaks to Shilpa and clarify the issues between them. Tanisha tells her that she wasn't happy with the manner in which Shilpa behaved with Armaan when he had asked for food a few days back. Even though Shilpa states that she never meant to do anything intentionally and was only adhering to the the rules, the spat continues.

Kamya, who had earlier said that Tanisha and Armaan can;t be using the smoking room, in a way casting aspersions on them, too joins the discussion and explains her perspective. Upset with Tanisha's behaviour, Kamya tells Armaan that he shouldn't let someone else speak for him. The day ends with Armaan and Kamya getting into an ugly verbal argument.

First Published: October 18, 2013, 11:42 AM IST
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