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Bigg Boss 7: Who is more abusive, Armaan Kohli or Asif Azim?

Updated: October 9, 2013, 11:25 AM IST
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Bigg Boss 7: Who is more abusive, Armaan Kohli or Asif Azim?
While everybody has been chiding Asif for being disrespectful towards women, Armaan is shown using cuss words.

New Delhi: Following Bigg Boss' order, Armaan Kohli, who had voluntarily accepted the punishment, spent the entire night in the cage placed in the Jahannum section. While Tanisha stayed up to accompany Armaan, Asif got into an argument with him. Armaan, who felt uneasy while sitting in the same posture in the restricted area, told Tanisha about his spinal problem, which is also why it was difficult for him to continue with the punishment. Armaan got fidgety when he inquired about the time he was expected to sit in the cage, but got no reply from Bigg Boss. Miffed and frustrated, he got into a spat with Asif who laughed as he discussed his condition with Tanisha.

"Shut up, mazaak nahi hai. This isn't funny. Haso maatt," Armaan told Asif. "Har cheez pe mazaak, pehle jitna humne kaam kiya hai utna karke dikhao," he added.

Even though Asif has been accused of not respecting women in the house, it is Armaan who feels no qualms in using cuss words on national TV.

Since Bigg Boss didn't respond to Armaan's incessant inquiries, Tanisha decided to let Armaan out of the cage. Later in the day, Bigg Boss called Armaan in the confession room, and told him that even though he was close to finishing his task, he didn't succeed. Bigg Boss gave him another chance to complete his punishment in the form of a luxury budget task.

According to the new task 'Aamdani Athhani, Kharcha Rupaiya', the hell inmates are asked to mint money, and pay each time they asked the heaven inmates for food/water to drink or hot water to bathe. In addition to this, they are also asked to give the first 500 notes they make to the heaven inmates as a safe deposit. Bigg Boss gives the heaven-mates the freedom to decide the cost of the things that are put up for sale.

But what irked Gauhar and Tanisha was the hell inmates' decision to not give Armaan his breakfast. Calling it an unfair decision, Gauhar and Tanisha chide heaven inmates for their insensitive behavior.

While Armaan is informed by Bigg Boss about the secret task - of stealing 100 notes from the stack of notes he is minting - he has to perform to fulfill his punishment, Kushal is scolded for sneaking into the Jannat section. Gauhar, who thought Kushal was called in the confession room for a secret task, got suspicious of him. Kushal, irritated with Gauhar's suspicious behavior, refused to do the task.

Heaven inmates accused hell inmates of not depositing 500 notes (which they had minted) in the bank which didn't go down well with Tanisha. "Mere ankhon mei aap sab Jannatwasi gir gaye ho. You all questioned our integrity," she retorted. The hell inmates gave heaven inmates 500 notes to prove they weren't lying.

A few hours later, hell inmates lost their cool when they were offered little food despite paying the amount heaven inmates had demanded.

The episode finished with Kushal cuddling Gauhar and Asif helping her to perform the task - sneaking into the heaven side to steal the money - assigned to them by Bigg Boss.

First Published: October 9, 2013, 11:25 AM IST
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