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First published: March 14, 2013, 11:06 AM IST | Updated: March 14, 2013
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: Several doctors, government officers and businessmen in Motihari have been receiving extortion threats and are forced to live in fear.

Motihari: The deterioration in the law and order in Bihar in the last few months have led to questions being raised on Chief Minister Nitish Kumar government's claims of providing good administration in the state. Several doctors, government officers and businessmen in Motihari district of Bihar have been receiving extortion threats and are forced to live in fear.

Motihari is the place where Mahata Gandhi has launched the Chaparan Satyagrah against the British rule. But now the affluent people of the district are not able to live a peaceful life due to extortion threats.

Dr Dilip Kumar is a renowned physician and cardiologist of Motihari, and treats nearly 200 patients every day. But these days he is under severe stress as he has been receiving threatening calls and has been asked to a ransom of Rs 10 lakh. He has been warned if does not fulfill the demand then he might be killed. After receiving the extortion call he has also lodged an FIR in the police station.

Dr Dilip Kumar is not the first person who has been received such threat calls. More than dozen people have also got extortion calls demanding Rs 10 lakh.
In January and February several people including Dr Ashok Kumar Giri, Central Cooperative Bank, Sugauli, Manager Arun Kumar, a businessman in Harsiddi, coaching centre owners Sanjeev Kumar and Subodh Kumar, Dumaria Ghat High School Principal Shivpujan Prasad, Areraj CDPO Kiran Bala Diwakar, Paharpur petrol pump owner Manish Kumar have received extortion calls.

The police have provided security to the people who have received such calls. But there has been no end to such threats. The threats are being issued by the gang of notorious criminal Babloo Dubey. Dubey fless to Nepal after extorting money and police have not been able to curb his activities as he is known to be very ruthless and does not shy away from killing those who refuse to pay him.

A cement and hardware businessman Ganesh Singh, who lived in Raghunathpur area of Motihari, had received a ransom calls for Rs 5 lakh. But Singh did not pay the money and instead filed a police complaint. But when he kept getting threats, he tried to resolve the matter by paying off a part of the ransom amount.

However, that did not settle the matter and one day at 8 am he was shot dead by motorcycle borne assailants outside his shop. Even after Singh's murder, his family members have been receiving the calls and they lock themselves inside the house after sunset.

AD Singh, who lives in the same area, has also been receiving such calls and when he did not pay, the miscreants threw a bomb at his house. After the attack, his family has left the place.

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