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Bollywood will happen sometime later: Lakshmi Rai


Updated: September 26, 2012, 7:17 PM IST
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Bollywood will happen sometime later: Lakshmi Rai
Lakshmi will have back-to-back releases in coming weeks apart from her Tamil film, 'Thaandavam' opposite Vikram.

Whenever actress Lakshmi Rai comes to Sandalwood, she creates a stir. This Kannada actress will now have back-to-back releases in the coming weeks apart from her Tamil film, 'Thaandavam' opposite Vikram.

Throwing light about her two films, 'Kalpana' and 'Attahasa', Lakshmi says, "In 'Kalpana', I play the same character picked from 'Kanchana'. It is a commercial flick and I play a sweet bubbly girl. But in 'Attahasa', I have taken the role of a journalist for the first time. I had a problem in picking up that slang of talking like a news reader. I quite enjoyed being a journalist though," she says.

Each time the actress take up a Kannada project, the industry feels that she is making a comeback. Admitting the fact that she has hardly done films here, Lakshmi explains, "Though my career started off with the Kannada industry, I moved on and established myself somewhere else. But I will definitely opt for a Kannada film because I am a Kannadiga. I want my Kannada audience to see me more than anybody else." She adds, "I got occupied in the other industries and was engaged with lot of projects. Time and again, I kept coming back to Sandalwood only because of the friendly commitment with a few directors like Annaji Nagaraj and Ramesh Yadav."

Taking examples of her choice of films like 'Kalpana' and 'Attahasa', it is widely observed that she is picking up projects which will make its presence in all the southern languages. "It is very important to be universal because nowadays irrespective of which language one speaks, people want to see all kinds of films. In fact, we see them taking interest in Korean movies too. I am personally taking up roles which will be accepted by the entire family. I can't be focusing on certain section of audience, one genre or one language. Also I am one of those persons who loves to do different roles and at the same time give one commercial flick, which everybody can watch. For that matter, I am very happy that 'Kalpana' is remade in Kannada from Tamil and not dubbed, which gives a fresh look for the Kananda audience," she says.

It is also known in the industry circles that Lakshmi is considered to be a lucky star for many producers and directors often approach the actress to make a guest appearance. She says, "I think they say it casually, but I love to be seen in different roles. It will be a rare chance to play every character possible. One need not be in the main lead. If you have an important role in the movie, you always stand out," she states. Lakshmi's next project will be with Kodi Ramakrishna, in which for the first time she will be part of a heroine-centric flick.

Apart from this, she is doing a Malayalam film, 'Oh My God', opposite Jayaram. Clarifying that it has nothing to do with the Hindi film produced by Akshay Kumar, she says, "It is a straight subject. Malayalam industry has always stuck to original scripts and as far as I know, they have never tried to go for a remake," says Lakshmi, who is yet to find a place in Bollywood.

"I entered tinseltown when I was 13 years and I still have a long way to go. Bollywood will happen sometime later as I am not in a hurry. Right now, I want to do new things and I need to give a different flavour to my roles for which, I have age on my side," she concludes.

First Published: September 26, 2012, 7:17 PM IST
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