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Brit faces jail over cartoons protest


First published: January 6, 2007, 11:49 PM IST | Updated: January 6, 2007
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Brit faces jail over cartoons protest
A British Muslim faces jail because he called for the death of Americans and Danes during a demonstration.

New Delhi: An unemployed British Muslim faces jail after being found guilty of soliciting murder when he called for the death of Americans and Danes during a demonstration in London last year against the publication of cartoons of Prophet Mohammed.

Twenty-seven-year-old Umran Javed was described to the jury at the Old Bailey as one of the leaders of the demonstration outside the Danish embassy against the publications of the cartoons, first in Denmark and then across Europe.

He apparently urged the crowd to bomb Denmark and the US.

A university-educated website designer from Washwood, Birmingham, Javed was recorded on video by the police and arrested later.

As the jury delivered its verdict on Friday, family and friends of Javed, a married father of one, screamed, "Allaho Akbar (God is Great), curse the judge, curse the court, curse the jury."

David Perry, QC, prosecuting, said Javed's words were purely criminal. "If you shout out, 'Bomb, bomb Denmark; bomb, bomb USA', there is no doubt about what you intend your audience to understand," he said.

He added that the prosecution case is that the defendant was clearly encouraging people to commit murder and that it was not simply a demonstration about cartoons but a recruitment for terror.

Javed was remanded for sentencing in April. He is the second of four men committed for trial at the Old Bailey following the demonstration.

The first was convicted of inciting racial hatred but awaits a retrial on a soliciting to murder charge.

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