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CBI raid on Stalin will erode Cong strength in TN: Bhupendra Chaubey


Updated: March 21, 2013, 7:07 PM IST
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CBI raid on Stalin will erode Cong strength in TN: Bhupendra Chaubey
How badly will the CBI raid on DMK's Stalin affect the Congress?

How badly will the CBI raid on DMK's Stalin affect the Congress? CNN-IBN's national bureau chief Bhupendra Chaubey joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. If the Govt has not ordered the raids then why is it asking them to stop the raids. Let CBI find the truth regarding import of cars. Srinivasan Krishnan Asked by: Srinivasan Krishnan

A. Hi Srini, the govt has tied itself up in knots. If this was a case of govt trying damage control, it was a very bad attempt. Irrespective of excuses being offered.

Q. HI Bhupendra, Congress will have a tough time to win seats in Tamil Nadu, even if they once again Join DMK, I don't think peoples of Tamil Nadu will vote in favour of either Congress or DMK. Few of the occasions where Congress has not provided the expected support. What is your view point. Asked by: Subbu

A. Subbu, anyways, Congress isn't a big vibrant force in Tamil Nadu. This episode will shrink it further. I am interested to see what happens to Mr Chidambram now, can he still win an election here.

Q. Sir, don't you think that Sonia Gandhi and Chidambaram criticising CBI raids on DMK leader Stalin is just crocodile's tears? Would the CBI dare to raid any political bigwig without Central Government nod? Asked by: Shyam Vadalker

A. Its impossible for CBI to conduct a raid at residence of a high profile individual without support from the top. Though in this case, there is a small possibility of the entire episode having been managed by someone else at the state level itself, maybe Amma engineered it to create more trouble.

Q. Hi Bhupendra..its a clear case of political vendetta..But its a shame that CBI is made pawns by power...feel for the guys. Asked by: Paresh - UAE

A. Paresh, for the longest time, we have all heard about this that the CBI is being misused. Today, for the FM to admit that it does give a wrong signal, I think is huge.

Q. All politicians blame CBI as an arm of the Government. Yet when in opposition they want a CBI probe. Is it not a contradiction? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Coz Sundar the truth is that everyone does use CBI for its own interests. Why else do you think there is such resistance to CBI being given autonomy?

Q. The Strained relations were existing for quiet some time. The parting beibng deemed as Stalin's move and followed by a raid on a flimsy matter compounds the issue. Does this not prove the independence of CBI, since this act is not an one which the UPA would have wanted at this juncture? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. The reason why DMK switched sides is more to do with inner party rivalry of DMK, rather than anything else. CBI episode has only sharpened the difference. As far as CBI autonomy is concerned, is there any doubt now that the agency can be influenced if needed.

Q. Is it right that we keep treating the government like a criminal all the time? do you think that this was really a political vendetta? Asked by: nikhil_vb

A. This seems to be the handiwork of some mischievous element at the local level. I am actually now getting convinced that it could well be an act engineered by anti-UPA forces in Chennai. Though CBI reports to home ministry, we all know, if needed, it can be manipulated at the state level.

Q. Sir, if the CBI raid can be called off by the govt, it means it unleash it on anyone anytime. How can they claim it is independent? Asked by: Krishna

A. CBI explanation is all this was part of investigation and they were looking for a car. I am not convinced by this explanation and think agency was being manipulated by someone at some level.

Q. Congress had just reminded the DMK of its vulnerability on the corruption issue. If the ministers are unhappy the raids will stop is it? What is the reaction of the finance minister on this case any way? Asked by: Kumara prasad.

A. Kumara, the finance minister, who incidentally happens to be an MP from Tamil Nadu, realised the enormity of the situation, hence was quick to distance and disapprove of it. His candidature is also dependent on support from DMK.

Q. Can anything affect a government which is so brazen and so upfront about telling the citizens that 'we don't care what you think at all'? (case in point : the pathetic humour while passing the anti-rape bill) Asked by: c4conscience

A. Its a case of govt's own right hand not knowing its left hand.

Q. Congress will be wiped out of Tamil Nadu. Asked by: radhakrishnan

A. Yes Radha, I agree, Congress chances in Tamil Nadu are now very bleak.

Q. Is there some way to rationally explain what congress hoped to gain by this raid? Asked by: Nathan

A. Nathan, what happens is that when your political decision making mechanism is weak, structures down the line tend to get affected. If the centre is strong, and decisive, all democratic institutions do benefit from that strength. Assuming that Congress was responsible for this raid, it was a silly move.

Q. Either Congress is complicit or incompetent . It cant have it both ways.Raiding the residence of an MLA like Stalin needs Govt clearance? If CBI is indeed independent as Congress claims how could it stop the raid? Finally what did congress hope to gain by this farce? Asked by: Nathan

A. Nathan, Congress is losing the leadership edge, that's why these problems.

Q. Any raid on Mayawati or Mulayam will now backfire? Asked by: Nathan

A. Don't think there ever have been raids against Mayawati and Mulayam.

Q. Do you think Congress would be foolish to close the doors of DMK for ever by ordering raids on Stalin and that to with such disastrous timing? Wouldn't it be possible that the Babu's in CBI have already shifted their allegiance to NDA smelling a change in Government? Asked by: Santhosh Chandrasekharan

A. Santosh, in politics, you never say never again, afterall, even Mamta, who walked out of UPA alliance is now eyeing a comeback. But you may have a point there that maybe this is the handiwork of babus close to NDA.

Q. Hi Bhupendra, We all know this is a political paralysis with neither heavy weight wanting to take a big move due to multiple reasons. Do you think and should the President take an action on this? Asked by: Esaivanan

A. Well techincally, govt still has a majority. Problem will be if the govt loses any more allies, then there is a problem. For the time being, president will wait and watch. If any more allies inside or outside leave the govt, then president can ask for a trust vote.

Q. This seems to be a preplanned opportunistic tactic by both the parties to get a sympathy vote bank in TN in coming 2014 polls.Hopefully TN ppl must be used to this kind of drama and vote rightly Asked by: Pras

A. Well Pras, afterall Karunanidhi was CM of Tamil Nadu when the war had started, he was a part of the UPA, but maybe he was then too lost in enjoying the spoils of power.

Q. What a masterstroke by the Congress. After having the CBI raiding Stalin there was a statement from Karunanidhi that the DMK would not allow the UPA-2 Govt to fall and immediately thereafter the raids were called off. Then started the drama when every one was shouting that this was not their doing. Don't you think it was really a masterstroke by Congress of getting DMK to play hrel as also warning the SP and BSP to play ball otherwise the CBI would be put after them? What an Idea Sirjee? Asked by: Annonymous

A. Don't think this was a masterstroke, if anything, this was suicidal move, if indeed it was a Congress sponsored move.

First Published: March 21, 2013, 7:07 PM IST
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