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Centralisation will raise higher education standards: Dr Arvind Gautam


Updated: May 14, 2013, 5:44 PM IST
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Centralisation will raise higher education standards: Dr Arvind Gautam
SC orders NEET results be declared: Is medical education in a mess in India?

The validity of the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) for admission to MBBS/postgraduate/dental and postgraduate courses has been questioned by several states and private institutions. Is medical education in a mess in India? Dr Arvind Gautam, chief co-ordinator, Sankalp Medicos Movement Association (SMMA), joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. Medical Education is a commercial mess and the business is not Good. How one justifies parents spending Lakhs of rupees for admission, without an assured job to pay back the investment? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Yes, definitely their is a mess and we require more steps to sensitise the govt and society as a whole regarding the issue.we are working on it and things will improve gradually.

Q. Why is the government keeping speciality and superspecialities seats at such low levels, when there is a clear need for a quantum jump in availability? Asked by: Kannhari

A. Govt and policy makers are not paying a good attention to this as on one side they are unaware of whole scenario and the top brass is hardly interested in it. The old MCI law is also responsible for the same.

Q. What kind of a transparency regime can you envisage with respect to admissions in private colleges and deemed universities? Asked by: Kannhari

A. The one India one exam,strong medical board to hold a CAT exam and single window counseling to prevent wastage of seats.we definitely require to work in this field and addressing the issue at the highest level.

Q. The allegations now made to respective colleges and state will shift to the central Government.They should have better things to disturb than the equilibrium of students. Is the NEET move acceptable to student community ?? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. No it wont be acceptable in present scenario as it is definitely test of their patience.students community is finding it difficult to react and still hoping for a ray of hope.

Q. The medical profession today is viewed with suspicion of a money making one rather than a one which will heal you.Is this because of Technology, apathy by Government, Pharma companies or the investment on medical education? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. It is amalgamation of these factors which is responsible for such change in attitude of society towards medical professional and medical education.there are other issues too.

Q. The Tamil Nadu Government says rural doctors will be disadvantaged when it comes to writing a national level exams and therefore the state is against participating in such exams. Can this be a valid reason? If you are not competing nationally, will you have excellence in clinical practice? Asked by: Kannhari

A. This is not acceptable and definitely requires improvement in standard of education at rural level.

Q. Education and Health - both are concurrent subjects,meaning both central and state governments come in managing the departments. The IMC is supposedly an Independent self regulatory Organisation. Why should the state lose the command when it has invested in the Medical colleges to this SRO? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Definitely its a constitutional problem arising only in case of medical education. Why are states silent on other such matters of higher education other than medical.

Q. I would have thought that the most competent authority in deciding what is right for the country with respect to medical education is the Medical Council. Then, why should courts interfere? Asked by: Kannhari

A. Court is listening to the constitutional validity and rights of medical council.

Q. Entrance test a one time affair.whereas school records of a longer period give the academic merits and aptitude of the student to a particular subject. why a one time affair should get prominence? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. The best method of selection procedure will be adopted for deciding the merit and merit will be promoted.

Q. Can we ever ensure that merit triumphs over money power? Do we need stronger regulations or a stronger governing body? Asked by: Kannhari

A. We require both as is the need of hour.

Q. Will we ever have a one country - one syllabus - one entrance exam kind of situation in India? Why should teaching of say, anatomy or physiology be different in Tamil Nadu or Maharashtra. What is the solution? Asked by: Kannhari

A. We are working on it and definitely improvements gonna come.

Q. If the respective states and the varsities recognised by UGC are not controllable why this centralisation to make things more complicated ?? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Centralisation will promote chances of higher education to each and every student across the country whether his state or other state.

Q. It is a principle that a testing body should always be different from an admitting body, to ensure that the right raw material enters colleges. For instance, ETS conducts the GRE, not the University of California. Is it therefore not laughable when private medical colleges argue that their independence is getting affected if they are not allowed to conduct their own exams? Are they not protecting their "sources of cash sources" And will the Supreme Court take heed of this in its final order? Asked by: Kannhari

A. Ya surely SC looking at it and analysing it.

Q. NEET will conduct an enterance test and forget about it.How do they become responsible for the quality of education or cost of education ?? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. NEET conducted by natboard on instruction of SC and no body has forgotten it.

Q. Why are doctors not choosing DNB instead of MD/MS. Is it because of the poor pass percentage? Asked by: Kannhari

A. Ya one of the reason plus working condition and pay and allowance.

Q. Both governments and MCI are playing with children's future. I am not surprised when the creamy layer is running away to other countries from this confusion. Why doesn't SC give one time direction? Asked by: sakuntala

A. SC is alive to the situation and will definitely look into all aspects before giving a final verdict.

Q. Most of the private exams are rigged and people who don't even attend the exam become toppers. Inspite of this SC has given them the license to go ahead.. Can a different verdict be expected in the final judgement in July? Asked by: Ganesh

A. Yes.

Q. Government can also give DNB accredition to government hospitals with more than 200 beds. Any initiative regarding increase of post graduate seats this year? Asked by: Vinay

A. Not right now but some amendments may be taken into next health policy.

Q. What is your next step? Asked by: neet pg victim

A. We are looking at all aspect, be it legal,political or protest.

Q. When Private colleges are looked as demons,what about reservation with which forward community students can only dream of PG. Does reservation not produce low quality doctors? Or is it politically incorrect to talk about this Asked by: sk

A. Reservation requires constitutional clearance.

Q. Private colleges are not going to lower the fees because of NEET. Their running costs will be divided whatever the exam is on students. So what benefit you get from NEET Asked by: sk

A. They can't increase it tremendously and have to be answerable to tax managing authorities.

Q. Do you think NEET will prevail or will it succumb to power of money from private medical colleges...n like always the merit will kneel down? Asked by: turab89

A. Time for change and will definitely come.

Q. Like a cricket player gets one off day.Similarly one bad day in NEET means entire year preparations go for a six. Don't you feel there should be 5 -7 exams for some one to have a hope in one particular year. Asked by: sk

A. The standards can be talked but they should be included in one exam only.

Q. Why not govt. convert all diploma into degree courses... no use of diploma.. same work as PG but less value? Asked by: kishor

A. Surely and will work on it.

Q. There is lot of mess with regards to scaling procedures. Also in the exams like CAT and GRE, scaling process just to get the bunch of eligible students from ocean of students. Further there will be procedures like interview. In the NEET-PG, just scaling marks will decide whole future, over the multiple sessions. Do you think it is reliable process of getting meritorious students? Asked by: Harsha

A. That can definitely be talked over.

Q. How do you look toward 6 month loss of doctors and nothing they get from it? Asked by: neet pg victim

A. Definitely sad and unfortunate but will require patience to sail through.

Q. Sir, Private colleges get no Govt funding. How are they to maintain quality if fees is low. it is management and NRI seat which subsidizes other students to some extent. Your views Asked by: sk

A. Govt also has to look into this.

Q. Sir, the state like Bihar has not conducted their pg entrance examination yet......can the state conduct their exam in next 1 month for MD/MS? Asked by: Asif khan

A. Well lets see the legal meaning of interim order first.

Q. Is the supreme court failed the cause of national interest? How these private colleges are making money is a well known secret, their tests are only an eye wash but to make whopping money. Is it a licence for private college to make money in the guise of students interest? Asked by: Mohan

A. Definitely but things will change.

Q. it is indeed in a mess and it has gone into the hands of influential people. Come south and in all the three big states the story is the same.......states are questioning because these persons hold the govt on to ransom. Asked by: S ESHWAR

A. True.

Q. What does this mean to Karnataka's own entrance test for medical education? Will this continue from next year? Asked by: Sunny

A. We are working on one india one exam

Q. Now that there is no NEET this year is the MCI or the govt considering increase of clinical seats in govt colleges this year? And also are they considering implementing strict rules to ensure that there is no wastage of those very important seats? Asked by: Vinay

A. Surely and they have to.

Q. What does this mean for students applying for government MBBS colleges in a state (for eg. Maharashtra)? Asked by: Shyama Dutta

A. Well just wait for one or two days.

First Published: May 14, 2013, 5:44 PM IST
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