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Click me if you can: Narendra Modi plans vs Rahul Gandhi achievements

Soumyadip | http://soumyadip.com

Updated: July 16, 2013, 3:16 PM IST
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Click me if you can: Narendra Modi plans vs Rahul Gandhi achievements
A new battle of the websites emerges, rahulgandhiachievements.com meet narendramodiplans.com.

New Delhi: 2014 is looming and the best of the BJP versus Congress battles are not happening in public rallies or inside television studios but out there in the wild and whacky world of the World Wide Web. While the website rahulgandhiachievements.com has been around for many years now, its most credible contender for page views is only a day old. rahulgandhiachievements.com meet narendramodiplans.com.

Taking a potshot at the Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's 'accomplishments' the rahulgandhiachievements.com is nothing more than a blank page with a date-stamp on the bottom left of the page. A little more coding and designing effort seems to gone in to build narendramodiplans.com.

"For a detailed explanation of how Mr Narendra Modi plans to run the nation if elected to the house as a Prime Minister and also for his view/perspective on 2002 riots please click the link below," says a couple of lines of text on the website atop an image of a smiling Narendra Modi displaying the victory symbol.

From its looks, it resembles a website projecting Narendra Modi as the next prime minister of India, complete with a saffron background. And looks can be deceiving. The fun begins when you try to click on the button to get the details, it seems to take on the 'evasive character' that Modi's critics accuse him of being. No matter how hard you try, the button runs away from the mouse cursor (with the aid of JavaScript) quite like Modi avoiding uncomfortable questions at press conferences.

Both the websites' registrant info is kept private but narendramodiplans.com provides a contact email and announces that it "is not funded by any political organisation."

While #pappu versus #feku battle is continuing on Twitter, this emerging battle of the websites adds another amusing dimension.

First Published: July 16, 2013, 3:16 PM IST
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