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Conductor pushes woman passenger out of bus over fare dispute


First published: June 18, 2013, 4:26 AM IST | Updated: June 18, 2013
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Conductor pushes woman passenger out of bus over fare dispute
The conductor misbehaved with the woman and assaulted her when she demanded the extra fare charged.

A woman was on Monday night pushed out of a bus by the conductor following a dispute over fare in Dankaur area, police said. Three women boarded the private bus from Dankaur railway station this evening. They gave one hundred rupee to the conductor to get the tickets. The conductor charged them more than the actual fare and this led to an altercation between them, police said.

The bus driver and the conductor misbehaved with the women and assaulted them when they demanded the extra fare charged from them, they said. The conductor then pushed one of the women out of bus. At this, other passengers in the bus got agitated overpowered the conductor and the driver and called the police.

However, the conductor managed to escape before the police could reach the spot. Police seized the bus and arrested the driver. A police team was despatched to trace the absconding conductor, said Brijesh Singh, SP Rural.