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Cong MPs want to remain in party and still want to be protagonists of Telangana cause: K Nageshwar


Updated: January 31, 2013, 3:08 PM IST
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Cong MPs want to remain in party and still want to be protagonists of Telangana cause: K Nageshwar
Political analyst K Nageshwar joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the Telangana conundrum.

Political analyst & independent member of Andhra Pradesh legislative council K Nageshwar joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the Telangana conundrum.

Q. For Congress does every thing revolves around vote bank politics and number of seats a decision will give them. Asked by: srinivass

A. Unfortunately yes, but not just for Congress only. Every political party is thinking on the same lines.

Q. Why does Congress do not want Telangana to be formed. Asked by: srinivass

A. The Congress is not even telling this. It is indulging in politics of procrastination and prevarication. Indecisiveness has been the policy of Congress Party. Off late, despite indecisiveness, it is indulging in politics of polarization on both sides. The Congress leaders of both the regions are promoting two divergent views while the high command remains nude spectator.

Q. I am of the view that the violence that is spreading is unwarranted. It is a political decision that is awaited. Enough protests and agitations have been held to convey the T sentiment to the centre. Do you think fresh agitations and violence can lead to a quick resolution of this issue? Asked by: Srikanth

A. Let us first understand that there was no violence. There may be sporadic incidents and to a great extent belligerent posturing and verbal wars. Whether one likes or not inordinate delay in a decision either way would automatically result in agitations and actions whether or not they contribute to resolution of the issue.

Q. With central govt(home ministry) going back on its commitment to come out with solution with in a month time, what are the legal options that a court or President can take action on the central govt? Asked by: Nagaraju

A. The issue is political in nature. The Judiciary can not interfere on such issues. Even President, according to the constitution cannot do any thing.

Q. Do you think these resignation of Congress MPs is a farce to cool the crowds if they were so serious they could have voted against the official viep of the party in parliament and state assembly and face the consequences if any do they have the guts to do it. Asked by: srinivass

A. It is not the question of courage. The Congress MPs want to remain in Congress still want to be the protagonists of Telangana cause. An average politician is thinking of his or her political future. They are weighing various options like whether they get the TRS ticket etc., once they cross the rubicon

Q. Why not Telangana agitation be continuous to achieve the object. Doing agitation as and when leaders are Free, dampens the seriousness....Agree? Asked by: Shabbir

A. The Telangana movement off late is continuing. There may be degree of difference in the intensity of activities. The problem in the movement according to me as an independent political observer is it fails to achieve common minimum political unity across the parties and became hostage to competitive politics of various parties claiming to be committed to the cause and further claims to sacrifice anything for the cause.

Q. Are They Serious?...can we trust the T-Mps.. Y they are sending the Resignation to Sonia Gandhi.. if they are really fed up with the High command...They can directly send the resignitions to the speaker....am I right? Asked by: Vinodh Kumar Mandhala

A. Who said that they are fed up with party high command . The T Congress MPs are telling that they still have confidence in Sonia Gandhi .

Q. Hi sir, how are you? Do u think that Telangana has genuine reasons to be separated? Asked by: k.l.ramnayak

A. Every body is entitled to have an opinion. But, those who are committed to united Andhra Pradesh also can not ensure it for long unless they understand the reasons for such sentiment and address the democratic aspects of such reasons... for instance, there is a strong feeling that Telangana lost out in water resources, funds, employment. The fact of history that there existed two states for several years before they were merged to form AP further strengthens such consciousness.

Q. Do you think the meeting which was hosted by Undavalli Arun Kumar at Rajahmundry had given us some real facts? Asked by: KK

A. Facts are sacred. Interpretation is free. Undavally has his own interpretation which need not necessarily be sacred. for instance he said that Jai Andhra movement in late 60's was an intense one but not the Telangana movement of that time. This is not true. Both the movements were intense. Arun Kumar spoke more like a leader of a particular region though the meeting was named as Jai Andhra Pradesh . He should have honestly addressed the reasons that created such sentiment in Telangana even while advocating against the decision. As a result it has cut no ice with the people in Telangana.

Q. Sir, with the Rayalseema clearly going to YSR, isn't it the wise and obvious decision to carve out Telangana, as this will fetch them most of the seats in this region? Asked by: Ankit

A. Political issues should not be addressed from ht prism of narrow party politics that too from electoral considerations.

Q. Do you think giving separate Telengana will really improve the people's condition? Isn't it nothing more than manipulative politicians thirst for power? Asked by: Ravi Kiran

A. All problems can not be solved just by formation of a state. The plight of the people is based on the socio, economic policies . But, at the same time, one can not ignore that a history o broken promises like non implementation of Gentlemen s agreement, six point formula, 610 GO . etc., led to cumulative sentiment...in Telangana . Unless, this problem is addressed a just solution to the vexed problem can not be found.

Q. Sir, is the UPA just buying time till 2014? is the formation of separate state inevitable? if yes, what implications will it have on other demands for separate states in India? Asked by: srinath

A. No body can say whether UPA is waiting for 2014 or even beyond. The NDA also didnot deliver Telangana . Every party is assessing the political benefits of the various options. There are many separate state demands in India. But, they differ in terms of history, intensity, nature, causes, political support they enjoy, etc.

Q. Is that because of Hyderabad the lock down is there..because Andra pradesh minus Telangana has a lot for itself..as in past we saw some states created because they had natural resources like Jharkhand which left Bihar with nothing. The case here is not like that..rest of Andhra has a lot for it..so why are the Andhra people against the creation of telengana.. Asked by: Rohit

A. Hyderabad is the bone of contention because in the last several decades, people from all the regions developed physical, emotional, economic relationship with the city as it was the state capital. It is a fact that Hyderabad was a great city even before the formation of Andhra Pradesh. It is also equally fact that that all the regions have contributed to the growth and grandeur of Hyderabad as it stands today.

Q. Is Telangana really backward than districts like Srikakulam and Vijayanagaram? Asked by: Suresh

A. Backwardness and development disparities are inter regional and intra regional in nature. It is true that North Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema districts are more backward than some districts in Telangana. But, the problem is Telangana was a separate state in the form of Hyderabad state for eight years before the formation of Andhra Pradesh in 1956 . This still remains in the popular consciousness of Telangana people. Political , economic, cultural factors failed to wipe out this and at times strengthened the feeling which took the shape of Telangana sentiment.

Q. I have seen 1969 Telangana agitation where the leaders discontinued the struggle and abandoned the students for their selfish gains. How many lives and careers were ruined at that time! Today, I just want to ask all these leaders - political and student, what was happening to the funds allotted all these years for developmental work in their respective constituencies? At least the people who got elected were from telangana, were they not? Asked by: sakuntala

A. The political leadership in Telangana is certainly need to answer this question. Many of these issues which the Telangana movement is now raising were in the political and social domain for all these years. The Political leadership of Telangana especially those in power are equally responsible. .

Q. Why not declare Hyderabad as a common capital for 10 years, let each region develop a capital of its own and after 10 years declare Hyderabad as a UT? Your take on this? Asked by: Srikanth

A. It is not so easy to declare Hyderabad as union territory as it would raise similar such demands in other cities like Mumbai. The concept of common capital is also not viable for a longer period a due to geography.

Q. What do you think about the water disputes. If Telangana state is formed. Is there any solution for that also. Asked by: niva

A. It is a hypothetical question. The water disputes are not decided by political leaders. There is a constitutional scheme of things to address water disputes among states as per the Interstate water dispute settlement tribunal act.

Q. Is it not possible have referendum or special election in the state for take decision on Telangana? Asked by: Krishna Reddy Chittedi

A. Don't be carried away by statements of political leaders. If political issues are decided by referendums, many new challenges would come to the fore. Remember, there is already a demand for plebiscite in Kashmir.

Q. Why OU students have been involved in this T-movement? Don't you think their future is getting spoiled? For every politician provoke announcement there will be one firing session at OU, what you do think best way of protecting our students(ou/au/svu) future? Asked by: Sivaji

A. The Osmania university is active in Telangana region for several reasons. Please read my article http://indiacurrentaffairs.org/why-osmania-university-is-so-active-in-telangana-movement-prof-k-nageshwar/

Q. Do you think UPA govt is not in a position to take a decision on Telangana i.e not having political will. Asked by: ANAND

A. The central government is not only indecisive on the issue but, it is not spelling out any reasons for its diabolical stand.

Q. Hello sir...when Congress joined hands with TRS in 2004, the leaders from coastal Andhra did not say anything. Why are they suddenly objecting to Telangana? Isn't it hypocrisy? Asked by: mamta

A. It is sheer politics.

Q. Hi Sir, Is the resolution from the state assembly is mandatory for the state division. what if the Bill passed in the parliament but same failed in the state assembly. Asked by: Ravikiran

A. Seeking the opinion of the state Assembly is mandatory. But, according to article 3 of the constitution, Parliament can take a decision even when the state Assembly opposes or fails to give its opinion in a stipulated period. The opinion of the Assembly is not mandatory for parliament but only the opinion of Assembly need to be taken.

Q. The Demand for a Separate Telangana: Promoting Divisiveness? Asked by: Krishna Reddy Chittedi

A. The demand for separate state is not a separatist demand or anti national demand as article 3 of the constitution allows for formation of new states. One can only debate on the advantages and disadvantages of the demand but can not brand it as unconstitutional.

Q. Do you think the creation of separate states benefits, in past several states were created but they still didn't showed the growth and development expected. Better people fight for better administration and true development in every front from the government and take that..What you say? Asked by: Rohit

A. The experiences of different states vary. For instance, Punjab and Haryana developed after separation while North Eastern states did not. The growth and development are dependent on several factors.

Q. KCR says Settlers in Telangana should be thrown out, He says they are cheaters and many more abuses... Is this the way a elected representative speaks which is against Constitution and still roam scot free without arrest. Do you think if state is separated he and his party will maintain the global image of Hyderabad? Asked by: Kiran_KK

A. Leaders of different regions are making statements. No politician should insult people of any region. The common people are not responsible for the political or social or economic problems.

Q. Sir, hasn't this Telangana issue, reduced the importance of Hyderabad and Andhra. One tends to feel, the investment in Andhra has reduced. And is Telangana formation going to help the lives of the people in anyway? Your views sir. Asked by: Narayan

A. Political movements are common in democracy. The World Trade organisation meeting was disturbed in United States by protesters. The then US president could not deliver his inaugural address and was confined to his hotel room. This did not dampen the image of United States.

First Published: January 31, 2013, 3:08 PM IST
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