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Congress should get majority on its own in Karnataka: A Surya Prakash


Updated: April 18, 2013, 5:51 PM IST
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Congress should get majority on its own in Karnataka: A Surya Prakash
Where do the major parties in Karnataka politics stand as the state prepares for the May 5 Assembly elections?

Where do the major parties in Karnataka politics stand as the state prepares for the May 5 Assembly elections? Political commentator A Surya Prakash joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. How many seats congress and KJP can secure. Together they Cross half way mark? Asked by: PP Jain

A. I expect Congress to get a majority on its own.

Q. How much cast factor will impact in Karnataka election? Asked by: kailash

A. Whether you like it or not caste matters....a Vokkaliga cannot win the Hyderabad and Bombay-Karnataka region and a lingayat cannot win Mandya...that is a fact of life.

Q. Hi Surya Prakash, I feel, for politician, there should be minimum qualification at least degree to contest in election, what do you feel. Asked by: RAVI MOHAN

A. Not yet. since at least 500 million citizens are still illiterate, we should not stipulate such qualifications...the voters can eliminate those they think are unfit.

Q. Sir, as Shakeel Ahmed said yesterday, do you think the BJP will get a sympathy wave following yesterday's blast? And is that going to result a second term for the BJP in Karnataka? Asked by: Shankar

A. Shakeel Ahmed's comment is despicable and must be treated with contempt...acts of terror demand unity and united action... in any case I don't think this will change the ground reality.

Q. Hi Surya, can I get the predictions, according to you, which party will get chance to be in 3rd floor of Vidhana Soudha? Asked by: RAVI MOHAN

A. The Congress should get a majority. It got 80 seats with 34.86 per cent in 2008...this time with the same percentage it should get a clear majority i think since the BJP vote -which was 33.76 in 2008 is split. The BJP will come second, then JD(S) and KJP.

Q. What will be the role of independents during the elections? Asked by: Sudhakar

A. Only six independents got through in 2008. They will suffer a similar fate..they will be squeezed out of the race by the four parties -Cong, BJP, JD-S and KJP.

Q. A new survey has come up which has predicted 95 seats to Congress and 81 to BJP. What do you think about this survey? Asked by: Ankit

A. I do not agree. I think the congress will retain its vote share of 2008 and in the first-past-the-post system that is more than enough to romp home specially when the fight is quadrangular.

Q. I feel BJP will simple majority in the Karnataka State Elections. If so, how much would Congress get? Asked by: Balu

A. Sorry, I have to disagree, 2013 is a lost case for BJP. Pls get ready for a Congress govt in Karnataka even though that party has done nothing to deserve victory.

Q. Sir, can I get party wise forecast in may election. Asked by: lakshmi

A. Here is a long shot - congress - 115-120, BJP - 50-55, JD(S)-25-30, and KJP - 15-20 .

Q. Congress is going to be 1st in this election but if it didn't get majority to form government .. do you think that JD(S) will support them to form government in Karnataka or it will support BJP if BJP gets around 60 to 70? Asked by: vinoth

A. I suspect the congress may turn to Yeddyurappa if it falls short -though I don't think that will be the case. BSY I think is oping the congress will fall short so that it will need his help - that will help him contain the legal problems he is having.

Q. What does it take for Right to Reject to become a law and be implemented. In its present form 49-0 is meaning less. Asked by: Peter Morris

A. I think the law will need an amendment, but I will need to study this yet again to respond to your query.

Q. Is there any hope for good governance? Is the opportunity to represent the people an avenue to further one's own wealth exponentially and where is the social cause and service. Why are candidates with criminal records still chosen by the parties. Do people still vote on party lines or on the credibility of the candidate Asked by: Peter Morris

A. Frankly, I am puzzled.. sometimes its the party..sometimes its the candidates..at other times ..its the hawa..a kind of wave or mood sweeping through a state or the nation ...but the biggest disappointment is that people are voting selfish politicians who care two hoots for the people.

Q. Please give your opinion on Karnataka is heading for a hung assembly Asked by: G. Ramadas

A. No, a Congress govt is what I see.

Q. Will Congress be willing to join hands with JD(S) and/or KJP to form a govt if the need arises? If so what will motivate JD(S)/KJP to join hands with Congress? Asked by: Prasanna

A. Cong - KJP likely if Cong falls short - KJP needs Cong - to deal with cases etc - Cong can also keep a tight leash on KJP.

Q. Mr A Surya Prakash, If you take the rebels into consideration what will be your projection? Asked by: G. Ramadas

A. I have seen such rebellion in congress in every election in which the party stands a good chance of winning...they do damage party chances a bit but the party should sail through.

Q. Sir, what is your opinion on the political situation in the state after yesterday's blast in Bangalore. Also, whether this blast will have any impact on 28 constituencies of Bangalore? Asked by: Sudhakar

A. I think one blast does not make an election...in any case, the BJP has lost out so badly that this cannot alter the situation radically.

Q. How many candidates who, considered to be - non corrupt, contesting this election and they belongs to which party? Asked by: kr kanippayoor

A. I am sure there are many candidates who can be called non-corrupt. All such candidates are new to politics and most will lose their deposit because I rarely see people backing non-corrupt.

Q. National media and survey's predict that the next government in Karnataka is congress. All the scams coming out of UPA government, then how they are going to come back to power. What is the MODI factor in Karnataka elections? If congress wins in Karnataka, Rahul is going to take the credit for that? Asked by: Lakshmikanth Gelli

A. It will be foolish for Modi to take charge of Karnataka campaign - it is a lost case..he will preserve his energy for the bigger battle.

Q. I feel BJP looks in a much better state than it was say a month back and Congress seems to be loosing track with many rebel candidates coming in front and their public fight over the CM candidate.Your take on this? Asked by: Ankit

A. I agree the bjp is not as terribly off as it was some months ago..but I think the gap between the 2 parties will be at least 10 per cent - unbridgeable.

Q. Sir, as a leader it's his responsibility to be with the team in times of crisis. BJP is in dire state right now, don't you think Modi not campaigning is the right move? Asked by: Rakesh

A. Politics is all about perception...modi must begin his national campaign elsewhere.

Q. Is the result of Karnataka is going to have an effect in that of MP, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Delhi and possibly Jharkhand, all places where at present there is a pro-BJP scenario? Asked by: Shankar

A. I don't think Karnataka result will affect BJP in other states. I believe India delivers not one but 28 distinct mandates - each state has its own reasons to vote in or vote out a party... in any case BJP has done much much better in mp, Chhattisgarh etc and in Rajasthan it will gain from Congress follies.

Q. Hello, Is there any chance for JD-S to form a government. How many seats do you feel JD-S will get? And also does Anitha Kumarswamy contesting from Channapatna win according to you. Asked by: SANTOSH K

A. 25 -30 .... no chance of it forming govt on its own.

Q. According to you, who will be the clear winner and who will be the runner up in this election? Asked by: Elvij

A. Congress first, BJP second.

Q. At any point of time, I think BJP is better than Congress. No doubt BJP failed miserably when given an opportunity, but Congress will be worse than them. I only hope the predictions of so called political analysts come a cropper and congress bites the dust. What is your honest opinion on Congress? Asked by: Gururaj

A. We all have our dreams and hopes, but at some point we must touch base with reality ...the BJP will be punished by the people of Karnataka for its misdeeds i think... and the Congress will step in for no reason at all; we have to grin and bear it 1.

Q. If Congress wins, who is most likely to be the chief minister? Asked by: Rajan

A. I think Mallikarjun Kharge should be CM. He became an MLA in 1972 along with Moily, Gundu rao, Dharam singh etc. All of them became CMs...not Kharge ..he is a dalit and he has been a loyal congressman - I think it should go to him.

Q. The summer heat and terror fears will keep voters in bay from the Booths on May 5th? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. No ...the competition is intense and I expect at least 65-70 per cent polling .it was 64 per cent last time.

Q. Is there any indications on a particular preference of voters in choice for the next government? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Negative vote against BJP ... resulting in Congress victory and claiming positive vote for itself.

Q. The insensitive comment of Congress spokesperson will have any beneficial gains for the incumbent party? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Yes, but only marginal.

Q. Any chance to BJP for a repeat,when almost all have written them down? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Sorry sir, no chance.

Q. Is there anything that can spoil Congress's chances in Karnataka? Asked by: Rajan

A. Acts of God have often enhanced or ruined the chances of political parties and candidates in our elections..I don't have to cite specific cases.

Q. What is the possibility that if Mr BSY happens to be King maker then he will not ask for the CM post..keeping into consideration how much power thirsty a politician he is who just wants to enjoy the CM post to steal the resources of state.. Asked by: Rakka

A. I do not see him being cm... but Congress may need his help in a certain situation.

Q. Hi Surya, there should be minimum qualifications to become a politician to contest in election. Asked by: lakshmi

A. No that would be unconstitutional, but the people can reject who they think is unqualified.

Q. What is the use of electing Congress Govt where already over 3 factions working for CM's post? I see corruption and law and order situation worsening under Cong rule. Asked by: Hanif

A. We must bow to the opinion of the voters.

Q. Is there a way where people working in cities like Bangalore can still vote in their native constituencies without going there? Does educated class voting influence candidate win? If so, to what extent? Asked by: Madhu

A. Every voter must vote where he is registered.

First Published: April 18, 2013, 5:51 PM IST
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