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Congress will never take a decision on Telangana: R Rajagopalan


Updated: July 12, 2013, 5:13 PM IST
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Congress will never take a decision on Telangana: R Rajagopalan
Political analyst and 'Vaartha' bureau chief R Rajagopalan joined IBNLive readers on the Telangana issue.

The Congress core group will meet on Friday, July 12, 2013, to decide on the contours of the final draft on Telangana separate statehood issue. A final decision, however, may take sometime as the party is still divided on the issue. Political analyst and 'Vaartha' bureau chief R Rajagopalan joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. Don't you think sir, time is out for Congress, if it does not take a definitive stand...it's going to be disastrous. But, a party with lot of clever and seasoned politicians am sure, they will come with some other reasoning which will give them more time. Asked by: S ESHWAR

A. Congress will never take a concrete decision especially on Telangana. As it has been receiving different signals not only from its Central leadership on Telangana, but also from the state of Andhra - Kiran Kumar Reddy offerend to resign today July 12 2013 if Telangana is created. such an emotive issue. Congress will hype Telangana but will not take a final call.

Q. Hyderabad will be with Telangana or will be an union territory? Asked by: KUMAR N

A. Congress will never commit on this. My understanding is Hyderabad will have to be a Union Territory for eleven years later to merge with Telangana, till such time Andhra gets its capital.

Q. Assuming Congress will agree for a bifurcation, how do you see it benefiting congress in elections in the New Andhra Pradesh and Telangana? Asked by: Keshava Prasad

A. Congress will never get benefited in elections. Though it would like to ensure that Telangana is brought to centre stage once again. Congress will never agree for bifurcation. it will dodge the key issue. Congress having committed in manifesto, presidential speech in parliament.

Q. Would Congress really take decision to bifurcate state or just hype to make believe that Congress is giving? Asked by: M DATTATRI RAO

A. Congress will never take a decision on Telangana. Congress will create a hype and public enthusiasm It will not take a final call.

Q. What will be the likely outcome and what is the likely consequence? Asked by: Ranganathan

A. Outcome will be big disappointment. Core Group will push the ball to the Government court. And you have Shindes and Chidambarams to take the blame for saying yes on Telangana and no on Telangana Congress maintained static silence since 2004 and at the fag end of UPA rule in Delhi-once again hyping Telangana.

Q. What rationale will be offered to split Seema into two - Kurnool and Anantapur with Telangana and Chittoor and Kadapa with Andhra? (Other than political gains I mean) Asked by: Venu

A. Dear Venu, you are having a day dream. Congress would like to want to have ladoos in both hands. No commitment on Kurnool or Anantpur. These are bright suggestions like Justice Sri Krishna Commission deceived the aspirations of people from three regions of Andhra Pradesh UPA will not go in for such a "Venu Formula".

Q. Is it the final meeting & discussion on this issue? Asked by: RAVI

A. Hot debate on Telangana -It has just begun - after Congress had woken up. Neither Rahul Gandhi nor Sonia Gandhi opened up their mind with any of the Congress cadre on this issue. Mr Ravi- Congress is a party of 130 years in existence It has seen lots of crisis and issues. Therefore Telangana is one of them. And it is just a beginning. Congress wanted to take this issue loud and clear- so that it gets votes in AP.

Q. So many meets before, yes/no should be very soon, otherwise killing time with many disruptions, Please don't play with people lives for you benefits!! Asked by: srikanth

A. Srikanth, you are absolutely right. NDA credited with three smaller states. but UPA failed to create in their ten years regime. You are right do not play with people lives for Congress benefits. I do not think Telangana will be born tomorrow morning.

Q. Natural resources wise Telengana will have more to exploit. Will this affect economy of the Andhra area? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. First of all deal these issues politically. Which Congress does not want. Congress will not create Telangana- but more Jagan Mohan Reddys thereby Congress will ensure itself of being wiped out from the state Congress getting isolated in Andhra is the natural resouce.

Q. Digvijaya Singh is forthright and says no more delay. His position looks fine since all parties want a Telengana. How and when of the bifurcation is the issue.. Could there be a consensus worked out? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. The balloon floated by Digvijaya Singh is now to burst. I do not think that Core Committee would give a final call today on Telangana.

Q. Do you think if BJP comes to power will be able to take decision on Telangana? Asked by: Ramu

A. My dear Ramu, My answer to you is yes.

Q. Is Kiran's resignation a real threat for High Command? What he can do after that? Can he start his own party and win seats? None of of the congress leaders can threaten High Command as they all are nothing without congress Asked by: Vasu

A. Congress will allow Kiran Reddy to submit his resignation. Good riddance for them. Mr Venu if you noticed today's video clipping. Kiran Reddy wanted to carry a broad map of Andhra into 10 Janpath. The Special protection group did not allow Kiran Reddy to carry the broad sheet ... From this what do you make out. Kiran Reddy will be marginalised in all india congress internal politics if he wields threats of resignation.

Q. Is it because of the local panchayat elections are in sight, Congress is again trying to play cheap tricks by creating all noise? Asked by: Srikanth

A. you said it Mr Srikanth, Congress having got isolated in Andhra Pradesh politics now wants to become an entity in at least one region. New Delhi political observers estimates that Congress flip flop on Telangana will result in a major defeat for Congress. it will not get even 5 to 6 seats in Lok Sabha - this is what Congress MPs privately share juicy grapevines.

Q. Do you think Modi factor is behind all these Telangana hype? Asked by: hanmi reddy

A. BJP is for smaller state and for Telangna Yes it has maintained its policy on Telangana - of course if Modi campaigns on this emotive issue like M Venkaian Naidu made a presentation to BJP parliamentary party that BJP will get 5 Lok Sabha seats from Andhra if Modi is projected.

First Published: July 12, 2013, 5:13 PM IST
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