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Congress won not on account of any positive agenda: Sandeep Shastri


Updated: May 8, 2013, 6:15 PM IST
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Congress won not on account of any positive agenda: Sandeep Shastri
Dr Sandeep Shastri joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on Karnataka Assembly poll results.

What lessons should the winners and losers take home from the Assembly poll results as the Lok Sabha elections draw closer? Eminent social scientist and analyst Dr Sandeep Shastri joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. Whether the result would be same even If Yeddyurappa would be in BJP? Asked by: Narendra

A. Narendra, if you look at the seat/vote share of the KJP and BJP it ks clear that it may not have helped stave off a defeat. It may have only reduced the intensity of the defeat.

Q. How you Analise this Karnataka elections result in perspective of Lok Sabha election? Asked by: Mallikarjun

A. The Karnataka result will be one small good news for the Congress. For the BJP, the results would require serious soul searching both nationally and at the state level.

Q. If this election was more about local issues,will the General elections be about central govt performance and BJP may have a chance there.Your opinion on this. Asked by: Pradeep

A. This election Pradeep was clearly on issues in and about Karnataka. Lok sabha elections, even in Karnataka will be a different political ball game.

Q. What are the reasons that even after so much negative issues against congress government, they won Lok Sabha elections in 2009 and now Karnataka assembly. Asked by: Preeti

A. Preeti the response in Karnataka was essentially against the state government and not against the central government

Q. Would KJP still be a factor affecting BJP vote banks during Lok Sabha elections? Asked by: Karthik

A. It depends on the type of realignment that happens in the next few months.

Q. Both the national parties should introspect, congress has not won because of good governance else where, BJP has lost of because it has not been able to differentiate itself Congress. Asked by: S ESHWAR

A. Eshwar, there is a lot of truth in saying that the Congress won on anti-incumbency and not on account of any positive agenda

Q. Will Cong govt be any different from BJP govt? Don't you think both of them have taken for granted "5 yrs I rule next 5 yrs is your turn". Asked by: Pradeep

A. Pradeep, many would echo your sentiments. Lets hope the Congress learns its lessons and actswith greater probity and diligence

Q. BJP lost Udupi,Mangalore they cant say the reason for this is BSY or KJP, What could be the main reason for the BJP loss in this region? Asked by: Vinol

A. Vinol, the defeat there could be linked to the communal tensions during the last five years and anti incumbency against many BJP MLA's who were in their second/third term.

Q. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are the states are very much polarized on caste basis. BJP lost Karnataka badly by not reading the caste factor. Is that right? Asked by: mohan

A. Caste is a factor in many states and not the factor.

Q. Wasn't it very easy for BJP to win if they would have come to the public - voters once in a month rather than once in 5 year that too at the end..once people know you are doing your duty honestly they will definitely vote for you. Asked by: rakesh

A. You are right. Ruling parties tend to remember voters at the end of five years and not on a more regular basis

Q. This karnataka victory is no surprising. Congress won by default. Take UP BSP gone and SP came to power, is the ideal choice of voter. Indian elections are won by default. Why media doesn't recognize this? Asked by: mohan

A. Agree that a lot of elections are won by parties on account of the unhappiness with the incumbent government. This has been highlighted by the media.

Q. Will Siddhu make a competent CM? Asked by: Karthik

A. Karthik, Siddaramiah has a reputation for being honest and efficient.

Q. BJP plus KJP votes polled put together they get majority in 91 constituency above the nearest, Congress or JD(S) rival.This means with all Corruption and lousy Governance they are less by only 20 seat from 111.Split by Yeddy only boosted Congress and Gowda. Pl Comment. Asked by: Mekala Srikanth

A. Yes the split in the BJP helped Congress and JD(S). However, even if there was no split the image of the government would have resulted in a defeat.

Q. Will Congress be able to reciprocate the same vote share in Lok Sabha elections 2014 in Karnataka? Asked by: Netizen

A. Generally when a Lok Sabha election is held less than a year after an Assembly election, the party which wins the Assembly election continues to do well in the Lok Sabha poll.

Q. Will the JD(S) see sense and ally with the BJP for Lok Sabha? They have bases in different parts of the state and different vote banks so the alliance will work well. JD(S) needs to come to power soon or the cadres will desert it. Asked by: Karan Gowda

A. Karan it is difficult to see them aligning before an elections because of fundamental differences.

Q. Karnataka has a tendency to vote opp to rest of India, will this again cost Karnataka and end up getting a raw deal after 2014 election? Asked by: Vinol

A. Vinol. Since 1985 a different ruling party has been elected in the state as compared to the centre.this time Karnataka has voted to power in the state the party in power in Delhi. What happens in the next Lok Sabha elections is a different issue.

Q. Is there any surprises for you in this election? Asked by: mohan

A. Not really Mohan. This is in line with the projections made on CNN IBN

Q. Even though the BJP has several Vokkaliga leaders (CT Ravi, Sadananda, Ashoka) why is there performance so pathetic in the heartland? In most seats they lost deposit. Asked by: Karan Gowda

A. Karan, the JDS seems to have cornered the chunk of tneVokkaliga vote

Q. Why the BJP give tickets to useless sitting MLAs like Anand Asnotikar. Any internal survey would show that he would lose for sure? Asked by: Karan Gowda

A. In all parties, it is difficult to deny sitting MLA's in view of their influence and power.

Q. Will BJP rejects like Renukacharya, Udasi, Karandlaje and Hallapa return to the BJP or stay with KJP? Asked by: Karan Gowda

A. We will need to see the realignment that would happen in the BJP

Q. From the 40 elected MLAs, what is your opinion on whom should lead the opposition for BJP? Asked by: Karan Gowda

A. It is most likely that tne current Chief Minister would lead the BJP

Q. Why should Narendra Modi being blamed for defeat and Rahul Gandhi for victory as both of them were irrevalent in Karnataka? Asked by: Nitin

A. Nitin you are right. The election was won and lost on local issues and not on what the national leaders did.

First Published: May 8, 2013, 6:15 PM IST
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