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Delhi gangrape: Indians suggest steps forward

Updated: December 29, 2012, 4:22 PM IST
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Delhi gangrape: Indians suggest steps forward
After the tragic death of the gangrape victim, members of civil society have suggested ways to bring about changes.

New Delhi: As a nation mourned the young woman who succumbed to her injuries in a brutal gang-rape in New Delhi, young men and women, lawyers and journalists on Twitter suggested concrete steps that could be taken to change the system and go forward to construct a better India.

The rape had shocked the nation and triggered peaceful protests from students who gathered at key points in the heart of capital to demand justice and better security for it's citizens.

The victim, a physiotherapist intern in Delhi and who waged a courageous battle to live, died peacefully at 4.45 am with her distraught family and Indian diplomats by her side, Singapore's Mount Elizabeth Hospital official Kelvin Loh said.

Please send in your suggestion and we will keep on updating this list.

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Delhi gangrape victim dies: The way forward

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8. The most important thing we can ask each other for: the strength and insight to dismantle the patriarchy within us, men and women.Karuna Nundy
7. Test police for attitudes at intw, reward when they act to creatively realise the constitution. Penalise when they discriminate.Karuna Nundy
6.No unconstitutional overbroad programme to disclose rapists’ identities. Limited disclosure, subject to assessment +Karuna Nundy
5. Committee to look at NCERT syllabus from a gender perspective. Gender programmes in schools (piloted first by Pratham).Karuna Nundy
4. Budgets for that law: the Bill must be budgeted by those expected to implement. More likely it’ll be a reality.Karuna Nundy
3. A comprehensive law based on data that deals with prevention,capacity building of systems. Working w women’s groups, civil rghts gps.Karuna Nundy
2. More courts, more judges. Certain justice, not extreme justice.Karuna Nundy
1. We say no to the death penalty, no bloodprice at the cost of our safety.Karuna Nundy
Current govern practices provide only for financial audits. V hav no Independent external audit of police performance annually made public!Kiran Bedi
Police leadership must hold area meetings to declare their resolve to record crime freely. And let the true situation of crime surface!Kiran Bedi
All sex-offenders shud be tagged with a GPS locator so they can be tracked 24/7. Any damage to this tag should result in instant jail-time.Mihir Bijur
If any police station does not respond to crime against woman,hereafter, she+community must not give up!No sparing of police! Come together!Kiran Bedi
Police must open up to free registration of crime and people must report not keep away. If police avoids registration,compel and expose!Kiran Bedi
Bollywood’s contribution(if any)to ’empowering’/’dis-empowering’ of women needs independent research to understand its larger impact/roleKiran Bedi
Do Item numbers not vet instincts?(Munni songs)Is it nt commodification of a woman’s body?Does it not impact vulnerable minds? Any researchKiran Bedi
For those asking on where to send suggestions: Mehra Comm on improving safety: Faxno.: 011-23093750email – usha.mehracommission@nic.inSuhasini Haidar
2. Verma Commission on amending laws related to crimes agst women: FAX NO: 011-23022016email – justice.verma@nic.inSuhasini Haidar
3. http://Ibnlive.com/cj is compiling your suggestions on Changing the law/Changing the mindset. @ibncj @anubhabhonsleSuhasini Haidar
#DelhiBraveheart inquiry commission wants your suggestions to improve women’s safety- notice in papers today- usha.mehracommission@nic.inSuhasini Haidar
Heres the link to the new draft bill on sexual assault http://goo.gl/euNxw. 1 way to channelise our anger, shame is to read&contribute fdbkDerek O’Brien
As a first step to atone for inaction-here is my number +91 9779735351!Any lady in trouble call me!Will come myself/move others to assist!Lt Gen H S Panag(R)
As a first step to atone inaction-here is my number +919819907099.Any lady in trouble call,will come myself/move others to assist. #StandUpSherbir Panag
@Sherbir Gurpreet Singh M- 9797598856 #Jammu #StandUp @rwac48Gurpreet Singh
@rwac48 I join U to atone fr inaction-my No 9833004819-Any Lady in Trouble Pls Call-will come myself/move others to Assist!Paramjit S Garewal
@rwac48 I join U to atone fr inaction-my No 8106042084-Any Lady in Trouble Pls Call-will come myself/move others to Assist!hariom ahlawat
@rwac48 Vidyut. Virar (near Mumbai) 9987076920. I’m solid.Vidyut
@rwac48 Sir, here is my number +919894648488. Any lady in trouble call, will come myself/move others to assist. #Coimbatore #StandUpSanjiv Kumar P
Dear all please take out the the time to fill out the Google Form we have created for #StandUp http://bit.ly/YsGmJk @sherbir @rwac48Gul Panag

First Published: December 29, 2012, 4:22 PM IST
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