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'Devaraya' Review: The story lacks the flow

Updated: December 8, 2012, 4:58 PM IST
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'Devaraya' Review: The story lacks the flow
Directed by Nani Krishna, this Telugu movie has Srikant and Vidisha in the lead roles.

'Devaraya' falls under those army of movies that attempt to marry socio fantasy with modern day drama. Spearheaded by Srikant, who also happens to be the saving grace, this film neither inspires nor entertains any.

Actor Srikant plays the role of Dorababu, a happy go lucky villager living life to his fullest and just believing in spreading warmth and happiness.

And gradually in due course of time he falls head over heels for Swapna, played by Vidisha. A charming beauty and a lovable soul, Sapna also falls for his simplicity and affection.

However, the movie also introduces an archaeologist, played by actor Sivaji Raja.

The plot of film reveals that Dorababu has some connection with the late emperor. According to this disclosure the emperor has some unfulfilled promises, and for the same to be fulfilled, Dorababu should sacrifice himself.

What are the promises and how Dorababu is connected to emperor Krishnadevaraya forms the rest of the story.

The film, which was touted to be Srikant's first socio-fantasy dream project, fumbles in almost all departments. Marked with several potholes, the sub-plots remain hanging without sensible explanation. The first half is boring while the second still spurs one up with some detailing and pep. In short the script is a good attempt to impress but falls short of anything noteworthy.

While Srikant delivered his best as an emperor, sadly alot of detailing that was required in it was missing. Scenes in the flashback keep shifting back and forth with present day, without making any sense whatsoever.

If one talks about the actress, it can be well said that besides being glamorous, the character didn't have any meaty part to play. The rest of the cast which includes Jayaprakash Reddy, M.S Narayana and others attempt to make a few gigs but didn't quite succeed in the process.

Also Nani Krishna, at the helm of the project, should have ideally anticipated what he was getting into and its consequences.

It promises to be an average socio-fantasy film, but sadly is a mockery of the genre.

Instead of including badly executed graphical scenes, given the low budget of the film, the makers should have done away with the graphics part. To add to the woes, the climax is the most stupid part of the film, and you wish you hadn't sat through it.

'Devaraya' is an experience not worth discussing.

First Published: December 8, 2012, 4:58 PM IST
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