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Dhoni: from TC to World Cup winning captain

Priyanka Gupta | http://Priyaaaankaa

Updated: April 5, 2011, 8:16 AM IST
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Dhoni: from TC to World Cup winning captain
Modest beginnings for the man who's brought us the world cup - Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Kharagpur: Ten years ago, a 20-year-old boy lived in these quarters, slept in this room, and worked at a station as a ticket collector. Then also, he did what he loved doing most - play cricket on a ground at Kharagpur. That 20-year-old boy grew up to become Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the legend - the winner. Dhoni's roommate for four years - fellow cricketer Robin - remembers the many innings he played with him.

Robin said, "Dhoni's dedication was such that many a times he went without pay while working he was even given a notice (he says chargesheet) by the Railways for not attending work but he continued to play inspite of it. His focus was incredible."

Former Ranji Player Satyaprakash - once Dhoni's fellow squad member - now tries Dhoni's signature helicopter shot which he's supposed to have learnt earlier. As they walk down memory lane, Robin and Satyaprakash say they never had any doubt that their friend would one day conquer the world.

Satya Prakash Krishna said, "He had an MRF bat, when I asked him where he got it from, he sheepishly told me that he painted his bat with a logo because he loves Sachin like god."

Little did Dhoni know then that one day he will win the world cup along with his icon. Ronjon Chakrabary, a local priest, who now lives in this house said, "After watching that match my faith in God has become stronger, now I know anyone can achieve anything if they have the right will."

A fairy tale rags to riches story , an ordinary railway employee staying at these quarters not so long ago has now lifted the holy grail of cricket - the World Cup and the hopes and aspirations of more than a billion people along with it.

First Published: April 5, 2011, 8:16 AM IST
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