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Dhoom 3: Could this be the end of the franchise?

Updated: December 21, 2013, 1:51 PM IST
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Dhoom 3: Could this be the end of the franchise?
The filmmaking techniques in the Hindi film industry are evolving due to more infusion of money.

New Delhi: The filmmaking techniques in the Hindi film industry are evolving due to more infusion of money, but it is also bringing in a lot of 'inspirational stuff', which is ultimately diluting down the value of an original story.

Thanks to internet, 'The Prestige' and 'Ocean's 11' are probably among the most viewed Hollywood films in India and thus even a slightest similarity is likely to fetch the audience's attention. Is this a good move on part of the makers to assemble plots points from different films to construct a brand new Hindi film?

'Dhoom' is among those initial films which started the trend of sequels in India, and its starcast ensured that it remains the biggest of them all. First it was John Abraham and then Hrithik Roshan, it continued to grow. Now, Aamir Khan is shouldering the responsibility of increasing the heat and hype around 'Dhoom 3'. However, amidst all this hue and cry, the brand value of this franchise is getting affected.

The film is a highly Bollywood-ised version of a wannabe Hollywood heist film. Things are needed to be tweaked in order to suit the box-office, and the real problem arises right there. The more you go West, the more you lose the originality. The South India style action was originated in Hollywood, which has a very different film culture, and where films are seen as profitable ventures. A close look at Hollywood films will reveal that they are more formula prone than Bollywood. Be it a critically acclaimed film or commercially successful film, they will always follow a set pattern which will be in accordance with the popular American culture and beliefs.

On the other hand, The Hindi filmmakers have completely opened up to experimentation, and are constantly coming up with new subjects and treatment style. So, you need to find out a way to amalgamate both the worlds, who are different in their core nature. When we were making 'Pyaasa', they were busy in the production of 'An Affair To Remember'. Now, when they are making 'Gravity', we are busy with 'Dhoom 3'. Isn't it interesting to compare their development against our strides?

'Dhoom 3' is spectacular and grand but it also is 'inspired'. The originality of the concept is what makes anyone's film an important story, especially when the treatment doesn't offer anything marvellously new.

Vijay Krishna Acahrya's film looks under performance pressure, which shouldn't have been there as the actors and the franchise of 'Dhoom 3' are already established. Regular tricks of the trade may give you the box office success, but it won't give you a long lasting name. What's worse than being average? The fact that you could have exceeded much above the average line but you refused to do so.

First Published: December 21, 2013, 1:51 PM IST
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