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Drink at least 12 glasses of water in summer: Dr Shikha Sharma


Updated: May 24, 2013, 5:46 PM IST
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Drink at least 12 glasses of water in summer: Dr Shikha Sharma
Dr Shikha Sharma joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on what to eat and drink to beat the heat.

Dr Shikha Sharma joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on what to eat and drink and what to avoid to beat the blistering summer heat.

Q. Is it true that in summer your food requirement comes down and gets more in winter? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Not specifically. It depends from person to person and one's body type.

Q. Will plain eight glass of water do to beat the heat? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Yes but One should have approx 12-15 glasses of water.

Q. Carrying Onion with ones self whilst out is of any use? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Yes, it prevents heat stroke.

Q. Lassi can cool and give energy also.Is it better than a fruit juice? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Yes, it cools the body. One can use toned or double toned curd and add zeera and ajwain to it. Fruit juices convert into immediate sugars in body.

Q. AAm ka panna- still the best? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Yes, it's good as it increases the immunity , prevents heat stroke and improves digestive system.

Q. Girte Balon se paresaan hu, bahut bawai sar pe lagai aur khai koe fark nhi pada? Asked by: Rajneesh

A. You can have methi seeds, pumpkin seeds , flax seeds and aloe vera juice and amla juice.

Q. I an unable to reduce weight.I even joined your plan but still couldn't reduce :( Asked by: seema nagar

A. It depends on person's body metabolism and body type. Increase your physical activity, have good amount of water and keep a food diary. Use aloe vera and amla juice.

Q. Do Katira Gond help in cooling body? If person is having thyroid she should eat it or avoid it. Do it help in weight loss? Asked by: Smriti

A. It is now used in cooling drinks, in crystal form and looks like mastica, another tree product. It is also said to help if you are constipated and helps in metabolism.

Q. Hello doctor,I am into gymming and weight training. I find that during summers I am not able to maintain muscles and have muscle loss more than fat loss when I train hard. Could you please suggest what should eat and drink to maintain my muscle mass? Asked by: Kisalay

A. Include protein rich foods like tofu, soya, whey proteins, sprouts, egg whites, lentils.

Q. Should we avoid drinking coffee and tea in summer. I sweat a lot when I drink coffee or tea. Asked by: Sathyaki

A. Instead start drinking buttermilk, lemon water, plain water, vegetable juices like amla, aloe vera, wheat grass.

Q. Please suggest veg diet for glowing skin in summer. Asked by: Honey

A. Include vegetable juices like beetroot, carrot, tomato, spinach and amla juice in your diet. They are rich in antioxidants. Use barley atta.

Q. Is green tea good in summer? Asked by: pallavi

A. Yes, it is good in all seasons. It's rich in antioxidant.

Q. Please suggest diet for High BP. Asked by: Madhu

A. Include DASH diet: Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension. Try to cut down sodium, ketchup, canned and processed food along with high sodium containing vegetables. Include barley in your diet and drink lots of water.

Q. Please suggest diet for chronic kidney disease. Asked by: sudesh

A. Have low protein, low potassium and low sodium diet. Keep a watch on water intake.

Q. Should we drink beverages which are at room temp or cold beverages? Asked by: Sathyaki

A. Extreme should be avoided.

Q. What all kinds of drink to beat the heat? Asked by: ck

A. Aam panna, vegetable juices like amla, carrot, tomato, spinach, wheat grass, buttermilk, lemon water.

Q. Since lot of sweating takes place, is it advisable to have salt, sugar, mixed water or Electral like things along with water? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Yes, you can have. Also drink plain water, buttermilk, lemon soda, amma panna.

Q. Any special precaution by those suffering from diabetes? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Keep a watch on sugar intake. Include high fiber like oats , wheat bran , barley in diet. Do regular brisk walks.

Q. Hi, I am diabetic. Doctors have put restrictions on most sweet drinks. What can I have to avoid dehydration? Asked by: Somnath

A. Drink buttermilk, vegetable juices, lemon water and good amount of plain water.

Q. How much should be the diet in this summer? Asked by: RAHUL SRIVASTAVA

A. Have Small and frequent meals, approx 4-5.

Q. Drinking beer helps in cooling our body? Asked by: madhusudhan

A. No, since it is fermented it contains empty calories and increases weight.

Q. What things I have to consider while eating to reduce my weight? Asked by: Pavan

A. High fiber, vegetable juices, green vegetables, light dinners.

First Published: May 24, 2013, 5:46 PM IST
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