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Drinking Cow Urine Rids One of Sins from Previous Life: Rajasthan HC Judge

Updated: May 31, 2017, 8:02 PM IST
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Drinking Cow Urine Rids One of Sins from Previous Life: Rajasthan HC Judge
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New Delhi: The Rajasthan High Court judge, who asked for the cow to be declared a national animal, has talked in detail about the benefits of cow in his 140-page judgment.

Justice Mahesh Chand Sharma, who incidentally retired on Wednesday, said in his verdict: "Nepal is a Hindu nation and has declared cow as national animal. India is a predominant agriculture country based in animal rearing. As per Article 48 and 51A (g) it is expected from the state government that they should take action to get a legal entity for cow in this country."

The court was hearing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) by an organisation which sought steps for the protection of cows.

What the Judgment says

- Drinking cow urine rids one of sins from previous life

- Need cow urine for medicinal purposes

- The animal absorbs cosmic energy through its horns

- Its bones are useful even for tantric purposes

- Cow is a hospital in itself

- Uttarakhand HC has recently said that River Ganga and Yamuna should be declared as legal person. Similarly, cows should be given that status

Sharma outside court

- Peacock is a Bramhachari and it does not have sex with a female peacock. The peahen gets pregnant drinking the tears of the peacock. Even lord Krishna carried the feather of a peacock on his head

- There cannot be a more heinous crime than this (cow slaughter). Cow is like mother. She saves people from different diseases

- It (action against those who kill cows) is the voice of my soul, your soul, everybody's soul. Law has stemmed from “dharma' (religion) and not vice-versa

- Cow is the basis if the spirituality of all the Hindus and keeping this belief in mind, such direction were issued

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First Published: May 31, 2017, 7:45 PM IST
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