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Video saves job of errant bus driver


First published: April 10, 2010, 12:39 PM IST | Updated: April 10, 2010
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Video saves job of errant bus driver
A bus driver in Texas lost his cool on the job and threw a punch at a passenger.

Texas: A bus driver in San Antonio, Texas lost his cool on the job and threw a punch at a passenger. But, as Brian New reports, the driver still has a job. The city's public transit system VIA says you'll understand why the driver's still employed when you take a look at all this video.

It started with a few choice words from passenger to a bus driver. And then it escalated. The tipping point came when the passenger throws what police say, is a paper bag with a bottle inside. According to police records, the bus driver Johnny White admitted he punched the man Lonnie Torrance. "I remember him saying 'you had enough, you had enough. I said yes I have, that's all I said."

"We told Torrance we had seen the video. Yet he told us he did nothing wrong. 'I didn't throw anything. That's for sure. And I didn't provoke him in any way. I wasn't even looking at him'."

The police then insisted that he watched the video for himself. "It's like two different memories. It's like watching -- is that real? What I saw is that real. Torrance admitted to us he was on pain medication at the time but still insists he's an innocent victim." added the police.

We had an individual on the bus who displayed an aggressive behavior, who was intoxicated. The VIA transit Police department says the bus driver should have never gotten off the bus for that. He was suspended for two days.

"I know if I hit somebody, I'd get a year in the county jail."

Torrance was arrested for public intoxication. Meanwhile, VIA is currently working on a passenger code of conduct policy -- that it plans to post in all buses come this summer.

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