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Every party has politicised terrorism for votes: Ashutosh


Updated: July 8, 2013, 5:27 PM IST
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Every party has politicised terrorism for votes: Ashutosh
Can India's political parties desist from deriving political capital even from a terror attack?

The political blame game between the Congress and the BJP has started over the Bodh Gaya blasts. With less than a year to go for the general elections, the BJP has been quick to pin the blame on the Nitish Kumar government in Bihar. The Congress has hinted that the possible involvement of right-wing Hindutva elements could not be ruled out. Can India's political parties desist from deriving political capital even from a terror attack? Will this ever stop? IBN7's managing editor Ashutosh joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. Dear sir, what you consider to be a best bi-partisan approach to deal with terrorism in India. Asked by: Satya

A. All political parties should come together and form a common policy and bi partisan law and institution and fight like Americans fought.

Q. Why are many Indian politicians in a mindset that if they support terrorists, they will get Muslim votes. Isn't this is very dangerous. Isn't this bringing disrespect to Islam - world's second largest religion. Asked by: Sayeed

A. Why only Islam? Even terrorism of other kinds is also seen with the eye of religion. It has to be fought irrespective of religion.

Q. Dear Sir, What would be the long term consequences, if politician continue to degrade and demonise security and Intel agencies particular when terrorism has been spreading like non panacea. Asked by: Satya

A. It will weaken our resolve to fight terrorism and it will weaken our body politic.

Q. Don't you think that even our Muslim Citizens also started to understand the dirty vote bank politics of so called seculars who have only took their vote for power and deprived them for the last 65 years and stranded them with unwanted fear. Can they also moves on like Gujarati Muslims? Asked by: Satya

A. Sorry to say this but your understanding is also coloured by religion. Gujarat model is a bad and dangerous model to tackle terrorism. It can only be fought as terrorism and without any bias and we should realise that vote bank politics is dangerous politics be it Muslim politics or Hindu politics or Sikh or Christian.

Q. Ashutosh, which party has politicised, Congress, JDU or BJP. And what can a media like you do to expose them? Asked by: AbhinavGupt

A. Every party has politicised terrorism for votes. Media has been exposing this.

Q. Why are many Indian politicians in a mindset that if they support terrorists, they will get Muslim votes? Asked by: Sayeed

A. Why only Muslims even parties who do Hindu politics or politics of other religions also think the same.

Q. America never romanticised with terrorists. Collateral damage happened even in America. In India the media and other pseudo-seculars make a big of deal about it. Doesn't it make our fight against terrorism weak. Asked by: sourabh

A. My dear if you look at terrorism with coloured eyes you will never find solution to terrorism. Your question has inherent bias against a particular religion too?

Q. Why Media plays into the hands of Right wing parties and vitiate the atmosphere after every blast by pin pointing to some obscure organisation .why not investigate with open mind? Asked by: sahil

A. Media investigates with open mind but if you will try to find an answer which you think is right then one will never find any answer to this problem.

Q. Why is it that National Investigation Agency or other central agencies reach the blast site late? Late means we lose crucial evidences when others have walked over the place as part of rescue or even the police looking for clues. Why is it that we can't have offices of central agencies in each state? This should be coordinated with the Superintendent of Police of each districts of the states. That way we have sufficient personnel to know what to look for and collect evidences. Your thoughts. Asked by: EM

A. Because our institutions have lost the resolve due to bureaucratic hurdles .

Q. Isn't Media and Congress playing with 2002 riots? Asked by: Ameya Pawar

A. Have you forgotten 1984 riots and others also?

Q. For how long our politicians continue to play pity politics by appeasing minority vote bank even at the risk of national security? What is the way out? Asked by: Satya

A. Can you say with confidence that there is no majority appeasement? Every party has its own agenda to get votes , some do minority politics, some do majority politics . Which party is above board? In my eyes, none.

Q. Dear Sir, Considering Digvijay Singh's imaginary statement, do you think the right wing forces like Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP)/Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) can be behind the blasts? Do you consider them terrorist outfit like Jamat ud Dawa( JUD) or Lashkar-e-Taiba(LET)? Asked by: Satya

A. How can I answer for Digvijay? He is doing his politics of attacking RSS and in my opinion any party which is legally recognised by the constitution has a right to operate in India.

Q. Don't you think politicians like Dijvijay Singh and his likes vitiates the atmosphere trying to prove their secular credentials and in the bargain demoralising the investigating agencies? He did the same after the Batla encounter? Asked by: Anonymous

A. Digvijay is not alone. There are politicians in every party who do the same. Some do in the name of Islam, some do in the name of Hindu.

Q. Will this incident be politicised by Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) against Janata Dal(U)? So far Laluji seems to have not made any adverse comments. Asked by: sundar1950in

A. This is already politicised. Laloo had made a statement regarding this blast.

Q. When Bharatya Janta Party(BJP) blames Nitish ,you have a problem. But when everyone targets Modi for Irshat case you don't call it "playing politics". Why this double standards? Asked by: Sandeep

A. My job is not to take sides, but to neutrally observe and if anything is wrong, it has to be said so , that's what I am doing and I am not here to please you and reply the way you want . Sorry friend.

Q. The fight between the national parties continues even when anti national activities happen. Disgusting. How come the leaders, who are law makers ,are down to this level. Is it the fear of loss of power and eagerness to be in power making them lose their cool? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. This is unfortunate and should be condemned.

Q. BJP till a part of Bihar Government should have had the decency to desist from attacking Bihar government. Was it not outright cheap gimmicks to blame it on the state for security lapse? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. I leave it to you to judge.

Q. Even before any Investigating agencies landed up at the site media started beaming SOURCES info on suspects being Indian Mujahidin. Why is the hurry for media to go on air with unconfirmed news? They were on the spot and knew that no agency had started the investigation? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. You assume that media flashes without verifying. That is not true. Media does it after verifying with the investigating agencies. It's fashionable to criticise media which is not correct. Please get out of this mind set. If someone is doing journalism without any verification that is bad journalism.

Q. Congress hinting at rightist group is definitely ill timed and making it clear that they would like it to have it that way. It is their Government agency sources which had mentioned of IM link, in reference to info gathering in the Pune blast case. Why is the congress so desperate in getting BJP hooked to these incidents? Is it a fear of loss of power in the next General Election? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Tell me which party is not doing cheap politics in the name of terrorism?

Q. The two national parties in fight is a boon to Extremists of any colour to exploit the situation and create further panic, disruptions and divisive population? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. You are right friend.

Q. Why do we call it political blame-game? Is it not state's failure after so many intelligence inputs, administration did nothing! We need to fix the issue beforehand, NIA probe after the killings won't help. If accountability is fixed, things will get better I think this is absolutely fine. Same goes with the UK flood where state administration is nowhere. I think when they have nothing to say, they call it politicising of the issue..Had it been happened in any BJP ruled state, congress should act in the same manner. Your thoughts on this? Asked by: Somnath

A. Political blame game is political bankruptcy? Now you draw your conclusion.

Q. After Boston attack, we saw how Americans cornered and tracked down the terrorists. In India, there seems no political and investigating agency will and courage to do it. What's your opinion on it? Asked by: Suneet

A. Absolutely . I wish we as a nation have same will power to fight terrorism .

Q. Muslims are fighting Jews in Israel, Egyptians, Buddhists in Burma, Christians all over word and with themselves Pakistan, Syria? Don't you think there is some problem within this religion? Asked by: Ashutosh pandey

A. I am not that big to make such a profound statement.

Q. Seeing our politician and their practices and to the extent to dip to claim their secular credentials and term BJP as communal. Don't you think its other way around wherein BJP seems more secular in its approach, as it is least compromising to appease on issues of National Security. Even their basic agenda barring ram temple, the article 370, UCC is not all that invalid. You views please. Asked by: Satya

A. If you are right in your understanding then why BJP left these issues for governance under Atal Bihari Vajpai . They should have stuck to their principals which they did not.

Q. This is a real dangerous trend as the security agencies that are doing a good job get demoralied due to petty vote bank politics. We better wake up as we are going to have a more dangerous situation once the Americans withdraw from Afghanistan? Do you agree with this perception? Asked by: Anonymous

A. You have a point.

Q. Mainstream political parties have become bankrupt as far as out of box ideas are concerned. This is one more instance of the bankruptcy. Asked by: S ESHWAR

A. Why do you want me to add something to this?

Q. We need to stop this political blame game for votes which is increasing as we approach elections. This is giving a free hand to the terrorists to carry out their activities. Don't you think with the withdrawal of the Americans from Afghanistan the threat increases for us and we need to take stock of the situation and stop playing politics? We need to address serious issues to stop these attacks and not play politics and forget about the core issues of taking suitable action to stop this menace? Asked by: AKS

A. Withdrawal of Americans from Afghanistan might have serious repercussions on us but terrorism thrives on state support. If we can put enough pressure on Pakistan and other countries and can scuttle their support base and supply line, we can be better off even after withdrawal.

Q. Because they don't have enough strength on their own at that time to establish Universal Civil Code and 370. But are these two issues invalid? Asked by: Satya

A. That was opportunism for power.

Q. Don't you think, Congress is playing very cheap politics naming Narendra Modi in this matter? I have doubt, Congress did blast to create negative environment against Narendra Modi and BJP. If you remember, just before a week, Digvijay Singh had said, "BJP can do riots in Non BJP state" ( Is he god to know that?) I think its congress strategy to win 2014 election by hook or crook, as they know very well they are losing badly, because of Development and corruption issue. That's why they are using on Religion and cast based issue. Asked by: Aditya

A. How can you be so sure that other party does not want to win election without hook or crook? All are same and are pursuing their lacked ambition for power and want to leave their principles for the same.

Q. Dear Sir, You may have your opinion, and quite strong too, but Gujarat has not seen any major riot post 2002 that hitherto pre 2000 was a common phenomena, and due credit to be given to the Gujarat government despite the malicious campaign made against them which is well understood by public. You views please? Asked by: Satya

A. Even Delhi has not witnessed any riot after 1984? Does it mean Congress is reformed? No. So is BJP. There is so much media glare that riots all over India has become less and less.

Q. Left, Right and Centre; Naxal/Maoists, Religious Extremists, Jihadi terrorists all of them are in play in India. All of them are on disruptive actions through terror acts. These groups are monitored, followed and checked by different agencies. Most of the times the members of such group escape using our judicial process. Is there a requirement of a more stringent law and a more effective judiciary? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. This is a myth that stringent law can bring down terrorism. Problem in India is not law nut execution of laws. Let's have good laws and better execution of laws.

First Published: July 8, 2013, 5:27 PM IST
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