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EXCLUSIVE: Salman Khan on Bigg Boss...

Mehul Satish Thakkar |

First published: January 7, 2011, 10:38 PM IST | Updated: January 7, 2011
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EXCLUSIVE: Salman Khan on Bigg Boss...
The actor talks about his experience and the things that shocked him on the the show

Lonavla: The spontaneous, witty Salman Khan and by far the best host of 'Bigg Boss', spends some time with us before going for the rehearsals of the grand finale. Dressed in a colourful shirt and faded jeans, here is an exclusive tete-e-tete with the mazedaar host on the sets of Bigg Boss.

How was your experience as a host on Bigg Boss Season 4?

It was great. I have a lot of fond memories working on this show. Will start shooting for the grand finale episode in sometime.

The eviction of especially two housemates, Samir and Manoj, created a lot of negative outburst from the fans and fingers were pointed at the show. As a host, how do you take this?

See, the count of the fans of the housemates is smaller than the population of the entire country who vote. It so happens that sometimes there is marginal difference in the votes which decides the winner.

The eviction of which particular housemate shocked you?

Seema Parihar. I was very shocked when I came to know that Seemaji got evicted. I really thought that she would win the show. She was a very strong contestant.

Among the remaining 4, who do you think will win the title?

(Salman chose to ignore the question. On insisting further, he replied) Bigg Boss will tell you that name.

Would you like to host Bigg Boss Season 5?

Yes, I would love to but it is not me who will decide this. The channel and the production house have to take a call on that.

Salman gives a small smile and heads towards the stage where a group of dancers and choreographers give him a brief about his act for the finale tomorrow.

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