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First impression review: Samsung Galaxy S4

First impression review: Samsung Galaxy S4
The Galaxy S4 undoubtedly comes with impressive hardware specifications, but Samsung has bloated the device with gimmicky features.

New Delhi: We intend to use the top weapon in Samsung's mobile phone arsenal for a little longer before we post our full review of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Meanwhile, here are our first impressions about the much-discussed device that is the first phone with an 8-core processor.

The Galaxy S4 undoubtedly comes with impressive hardware specifications, but Samsung has bloated the device with gimmicky features.

1. At the first glance, the Galaxy S4 looks like the Galaxy III, but it has a slightly bigger display and a patterned back. Also the edges of the phone are less angular than the S III. In our eyes, the HTC One easily trounces the Galaxy S4.

2. The device is noticeably light, and is slimmer and lighter than its top rival, the HTC One.

3. Made of polycarbonate plastic, its brassy rear panel feels flimsy when removed. The back panel is also sheeny and looks gaudy.

4. The Galaxy S4's 5-inch display yields a pixel density of 441 ppi; it shows sharp, detailed and rich images.

5. Viewing angles are great and the screen is bright enough even in daylight, and hence, content on the screen can be easily viewed under direct sunlight.

6. The rear camera captures impressive pictures even in low-lighting conditions.

7. The dual camera feature allows you to simultaneously shoot with the front and rear camera, but the gimmick is that the picture - captured using the dual camera feature - is disappointing.

8. Even the drama shot is another unexciting feature.

9. Viewing full HD videos on this huge, rich display is amazing.

10. The Galaxy S4 comes with speakers which produce loud, yet clear sound.

11. Though Samsung boasts of features like Air Gesture, Smart Scroll in the Galaxy S4, but the reality is that these feature don't aid, in fact hinder the overall experience. The Smart scroll feature works only if you are holding the device at an angle so that the front camera can detect your eyes. This did not enrich my reading experience, instead resulted in a pain in my neck. Also, I did not find myself using the Air gesture feature. I wonder what's the need of this feature? I tested the feature and then promptly disabled.

12. The touchscreen is highly responsive and navigation is smooth.

13. The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes packed with an impressive octa-core processor and a 2,600mAh battery. Our verdict on battery life and processor performance will be posted in our detailed review.

14. The Galaxy S4 comes with the same user interface and Samsung believes it has hit the sweet spot but we beg to differ.

15. Samsung Galaxy S4 may be a powerful device, but it also seems to be just an updated Galaxy S III.

First Published: May 1, 2013, 3:10 PM IST
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