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'Fukrey' is unpretentious, honest and funny film: Richa Chadda


Updated: June 14, 2013, 5:41 PM IST
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'Fukrey' is unpretentious, honest and funny film: Richa Chadda
Actress Richa Chadda joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on her new movie 'Fukrey'.

Actress Richa Chadda, seen in crime thriller 'Gangs Of Wasseypur', is set to play a mafia don in Farhan Akhtar's 'Fukrey'. Directed by debutant Mrigdeep Singh Lamba, 'Fukrey' is a buddy movie, revolving around Delhi-based youngsters and their life in high school and later, college. Richa has a significant role in the film. Her character will be called Boli Punjaban. Actress Richa Chadda joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on her new movie 'Fukrey'.

Q. Who is your favourite actress? Asked by: ratul

A. Meryl Streep.

Q. How you select your scripts? Do you look at your role or the entire project before giving a nod to the film? Asked by: Rahul

A. Script, role, director, banner.

Q. How much prt 'GOW' played in your career in Bollywood? Asked by: Dolly

A. I give 'GoW' and anurag all the credit.

Q. Had you given audition to bag the role in 'Fukrey'? Asked by: Gunjan

A. Yes I did a screen test actually.

Q. One movie you wish you want to be part of? Asked by: Lara

A. 'Rockstar'.

Q. Have you acted in south Indian films before coming to Bollywood? Asked by: Lila

A. No.

Q. What kind of role you want to do? Asked by: Jabbar

A. Roles like all colors of the rainbow.

Q. Any piece of advice you want to give to struggling actors? Asked by: chinta

A. Keep the faith and work hardest.

Q. Are you doing any regional films? Asked by: Dillu

A. No

Q. Your favourite actor is? Asked by: Guru

A. Male? Daniel d Lewis and Clive Owen.

Q. How much struggle you had to do for getting break in Bollywood? Asked by: Rubel

A. Not much. I Got selected from a play for 'Oye Lucky'.

Q. Loved you in 'GOW'. How different is the experience working for 'Fukrey' as compared to 'GOW'? Asked by: Ashish

A. More fun. Because it was a comedy. And with youngsters.

Q. With Critics giving thumps up to 'Fukrey', how you feel..back to back hits. Asked by: Gaurav

A. I feel good, I knew that I would ... (James Brown).

Q. Will you do a south Indian film? Asked by: Mallu

A. Ya, why not.

Q. What are your upcoming projects? Asked by: Manak

A. Ram leela. Ishqeria. Tamanchey.

Q. What is your role in 'Fukrey'? Asked by: Mandal

A. Bholi Punjaban. She's a mafiaso

Q. Why is so abrupt title 'Fukrey' what does it mean? Asked by: Jitendra

A. Passionate dreamer who are made fun of by society often. Considered to be losers.

Q. If asked to chose between 'Oye lucky lucky oye', 'GOW' and 'Fukrey', your pick will be? Asked by: Dhruv

A. 'Fukrey'

Q. Do you belie in award function..some 15-20 award functions are held every year. Asked by: Gauhar

A. I do because I like winning awards.

Q. Were you confident of 'Fukrey'..word of mouth is very positive for 'Fukrey'..people are recomending one time watch for the movie..best of luck. Asked by: Jiva

A. Of course. It was a winner of a script, banner, director, cast

Q. Please tell me why should I watch 'Fukrey'? Asked by: Malik

A. Unpretentious, honest, funny film.

Q. I..really loved your performance in 'GOW'..from such a role to altogether different avatar in 'Fukrey'..are you challenging your limit. Asked by: Rohit

A. Yes I try to push it each time.

Q. Mam, no question,just wanted you to know that in spite of Manoj Vajpayee presence, for me you were the star of 'GOW'. Simply fabulous. Keep it up. Asked by: Kamal Agg

A. Hugs. Appreciate it.

Q. How you entered Bollywood? Asked by: Rakka

A. By luck love and my family's support.

Q. Have you done any training in acting? Asked by: Manoj

A. Yes with Barry John n some workshops

Q. Your wishlist of directors you want to work with? Asked by: Juba

A. Imtiaz Ali, Raju Hirani, Aditya Chopra, Shimit Amin and many more.

Q. In spite of an urbane upbringing, where did you get the inspiration to play Nagma Khatoon? What was the preparation? As someone from that similar background, I must say, it was an incredible performance? Asked by: Kamal Agg

A. Thanks a lot. I think instinct a good director and script.

Q. Why such a gap after GOW? What next projects? Asked by: Kamal Agg

A. Because I was shooting 4 films back to back.

First Published: June 14, 2013, 5:41 PM IST
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